RICHARD & LINDA THOMPSON Rafferty’s Folly (1980)

Rafferty’s Folly (1980)
The Original Shoot Out The Lights

Don’t for a minute believe the title of this bootleg version of Richard & Linda Thompson’s Shoot Out The Lights. This original, first version of SOTL was co-produced by the late Gerry Rafferty… but was never released. Richard and Gerry were longtime friends, and Rafferty wanted to help the Thompsons’ career by offering his commercial instincts. Above that, Rafferty even paid for the sessions himself, with the idea of selling the finished product to a record label. But, there were no takers. RT was also said to be unhappy with the results. Rafferty’s production is detailed and quite clean, even on this boot, compared to the rawer, stripped-down version that Richard would oversee with producer Joe Boyd two years later. A long two years later, as Linda became pregnant and didn’t sing as much on the re-recorded version, making some of these renditions unique indeed. Of course, Shoot Out The Lights is considered by many to be R&L’s best work, largely for the excellent material, but also because the Thompson’s were in the process of divorcing at the time and the lyrics provided a field day for observers… accurately or not. The new, 2010 Rhino Deluxe Edition (HERE) of Shoot Out The Lights failed to bring this unreleased gem to the public. But, five tracks have been released – almost half the album – on Linda’s Dreams Fly Away (HERE) and Richard’s Watching The Dark (HERE) anthologies. We’ve included those officially released tracks for you completists out there. Before you ask, the well-traveled bootleg, Before Joe Could Pull The Trigger, contains all of this unreleased material, too, along with demos recorded before the Sept/Oct 1980 Gerry Rafferty sessions. We’re using only Rafferty’s work on this post.

Don’t Renege On Our Love (5:17)
Back Street Slide (4:28)
Walking On A Wire (5:13)
The Wrong Heartbeat (3:10)
Shoot Out The Lights (4:59)
For Shame Of Doing Wrong (4:16)
I’m A Dreamer (4:10)
Modern Woman (3:10)
Just The Motion (6:14)
Wall Of Death (3:26)

Officially Released From The Rafferty Sessions…
For Shame Of Doing Wrong (4:30) – From Watching The Dark (1993)
Back Street Slide (4:28) – From Watching The Dark (1993)
The Wrong Heartbeat (3:12) – From Watching The Dark (1993)
Walking On A Wire (5:13) – From Dreams Fly Away (1996)
I’m A Dreamer (4:10) – From Dreams Fly Away (1996)


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  • Rob Gronotte
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    Are the officially released compilation versions different than the ones on the bootleg?
    How about the other boot you mention? Is it the same versions?
    thanks for all the stuff!

    • Willard
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      The officially released stuff is far better quality. The stuff on the other bootleg is the same, except for the material that wasn’t from the Rafferty sessions, which doesn’t interest us for this post.

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        I presume you’re referring to ‘Before Joe…’ there Willard?
        I have to ask, is there any way you could see to posting a lossless version of that one on the site [pleasepleaseplease!!??]
        I’m having no luck sourcing it online at all.

        • Willard
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          Sorry, don’t have it any longer, and never had it lossless.

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    Oh, come on folks, this deserves more comments.

    An alternate (and not necessarily that bad) version of one of the great albums of all time.

    I’ve got these recordings multiple ways, but I wanted to thank you for this re-post.

    As a wise man once said, “If you want it, here it is, COME AND GET IT.”


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    Thanks Capt for the Richard Thompson share. Where have I been, I am only just getting into this talented musician,. why didn’t some one tell me



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    I’ve been trying to shove him down your throat for years. Thanks for the comment.

  • Rob Gronotte
    January 23, 2014 - 03:16 | Permalink

    Does anyone know why “For Shame Of Doing Wrong” was being considered for this album when it was already released on an earlier album of theirs?

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    outstanding post…much appreciated

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