Buckingham Nicks (1973)
A Choice Rip, Long Lost To Time

Coming up on four decades later, and this album has still not been officially pressed on CD. I’ve always respected (but was never the biggest fan of) the BN version of Fleetwood Mac, and have heard way too many scratchy rips of Buckingham Nicks over the years to even bother keeping one. But, I grabbed this from The Research Garage before they went under and was totally pleased with this crystal clear listen. Recorded a few years before joining Fleetwood Mac, these recordings, unburdened by Mac’s history and tangled love lives, form a delightful, guitar-oriented SoCal pop album, with smart instincts and distinct harmonies that would soon become recognizable worldwide. This wasn’t a one-off union, either, as Buckingham Nicks continued writing and performing up to their recruitment by Mick Fleetwood. And, it’s interesting to imagine some of their later work in this stripped down, easy going acoustic format. Either way, fan or foe, Buckingham Nicks is a solid album from two future superstars. Big thanks to Kwai Chang for the re-ups.

Crying In The Night (Nicks) (3:01)
Stephanie (Buckingham) (2:14)
Without A Leg To Stand On (Buckingham) (2:11)
Crystal (Nicks) (3:49)
Long Distance Winner (Nicks) (4:49)
Don’t Let Me Down Again (Buckingham) (3:53)
Django (Lewis) (1:05)
Races Are Run (Nicks) (4:16)
Lola (My Love) (Buckingham) (3:19)
Frozen Love (Nicks/Buckingham) (7:17)

The Coffee Plant Demos
Beginnings 1970-1973

This set of demos, it should be noted, contains two mixes each of seven tunes believed to be recorded between 1970 and 1973. Both mixes are stripped and appear designed to highlight underlying instrumentation (either the acoustic guitar or bass), for unknown reasons. None of these songs appeared on Buckingham Nicks, and these
unreleased versions are fairly clean, despite some hiss. It would appear that most of this material is Nicks’, as she sings most of the leads (and re-recorded a few of these later for herself & Mac). Nice colorized cover outtake, too.

Without You (Acoustic Guitar/Vocal) (3:43)
Nomad (Acoustic Guitar/Vocal) (2:10)
That’s Alright (Acoustic Guitar/Vocal) (3:12)
Garbo (Acoustic Guitar/Vocal) (3:14)
Sorcerer (Acoustic Guitar/Vocal/No Drum Machine) (4:46)
Cathouse Blues (Acoustic Guitar/Vocal) (1:45)
Goldfish And The Ladybug (Acoustic Guitar/Vocal) (3:04)
Without You (Bass/Vocal) (3:44)
Nomad (Alternate Acoustic Guitar/Vocal) (2:10)
That’s Alright (Bass/Vocal) (3:09)
Garbo (Bass/Vocal) (3:16)
Sorcerer (Bass/Drum Machine/Vocal) (4:46)
Cathouse Blues (Bass/Vocal) (1:45)
Goldfish And The Ladybug (Vocal Only) (3:04)

Tuscaloosa – Jan. 29, 1975
Pre-Mac Live Tapes

Be forewarned that these unreleased live recordings are on the rough side, but I found it an interesting listen nonetheless… despite usually shying away from shoddy live tapes. This is Buckingham Nicks caught live on stage in Tuscaloosa, January 29, 1975, just prior to beginning their first recording sessions with Fleetwood Mac. It’s interesting to hear these future big-timers early on, performing an early version of “Rhiannon,” alongside album and non-album tracks. These files are @320, but don’t trust that. They’re said to come from Buckingham Nicks drummer Gary Hodges (via a fan site that hosted them @128). Even non-fans might have some long-dormant curiosity satisfied by this 70s relic, but the uninitiated should start with the original LP.

Lola (My Love) (4:46)
Stage Talk (0:53)
Monday Morning (3:18)
I Don’t Want to Know (3:21)
Never Going Back Again (Instrumental) (2:17)
Races Are Run (4:27)
Rhiannon (3:25)
Long Distance Winner (4:27)
Django/Sorcerer (5:52)
You Won’t Forget Me (4:47)
Blue Letter (3:05)
Heartbreaker (Circles In Time) (3:03)
Don’t Let Me Down Again (4:34)
Frozen Love (7:23)
Crystal (4:31)



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    Search HERE

  • doughboy
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    I’ve been quietly enjoying and silently thanking you for your wares for a little while now…but I had to leave my first comment for this beautiful little musical revelation that you’ve provided me that I never knew existed. Listening to a young Buckingham and Nicks just crackling with creative energy. I’ve always been a fan of wooden music and listening to this pre-Mac really showcases their almost Crosby/Nash-ish folksy feel. Some inspired harmonies between Buckingham and Nicks, not to mention Nicks and Nicks, harmonizing with herself at her very best.

    After a few listens to the studio album and the coffee demos (have only pulled out the live show once, because, as you said, it’s a little rough…but, as you said, an interesting listen) found myself humming a few of the tunes to myself when I wasn’t listening to the albums (particularly their opener, “Crying in the Night”, and “Without a Leg to Stand On”. The Buckingham acoustic instrumental “Stephanie” that those two sandwich is also a winner).

    I’ve shared this with my neighbour, and he agrees that this here is pretty golden. I’m sure I’ll be sharing this chestnut some more.

    Muchos gracias, Cap’n, and keep dishing out them there gold.

    • Willard
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      Cool. Many thanks for the comment.

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    I hope these are the files you posted. I can’t find Tuscaloosa!

  • Willard
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    No sweat Kwai, I’ll complete it. Many thanks again for the help.

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    Help – I’m new to this (hey, I was a fan of BN and the Peter Green FM so I’m challenged with this technology) How do I play more than one song from each of these?

  • Willard
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    Comment #1

  • steven
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    Thank You.

  • Willard
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    You bet. You know how to open zipped files and all that? Google can explain it best since every computer system is different.

  • Marilyn Heath
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    I’m coming into this late. I was at the concert in Birmingham ham, Al. This city went crazy over the Buckingham Nicks. I loved this album (which I still have) & downloaded it off Napster so I would have a CD copy. I was thrilled to find a website that had the Birmingham & Tuscaloosa concerts to download. It was a trip down memory lane. I still prefer Buckingham Nicks over Fleetwood Mac. The latter too soft for me.

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    Willard — Link for the first album is down. Thanks.

    • Willard
      July 16, 2013 - 14:16 | Permalink

      New link up, thanks.

  • ken
    October 21, 2013 - 16:39 | Permalink

    I saw them at the Tuscaloosa concert and they were great. Never thought I’d hear it again after all these years – thanks a lot for all these downloads (now if you could only get me the girl I was with back then too!).

  • andy
    November 29, 2013 - 16:27 | Permalink

    Hey, I’m making a really awesome collection of unreleased Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham material. I was wondering if you could possibly email me the live show you have. Its one of two that are recorded in alabama I am looking for the mp3s of (i can only find streaming). I’d be happy to send you some really awesome stuff back including a bunch of Fritz stuff I have.

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    Just discovered these Captain and the links are still live………NICE!!

  • Martin Pardys
    January 28, 2016 - 22:23 | Permalink

    is there a copy of the Buckingham nicks song ” Fools like me”?

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