JOHN MAYALL The Turning Point Soundtrack (1969) + Live At Aragon Ballroom, Chicago (1970, w/ Don “Sugarcane” Harris)

The Turning Point Soundtrack (1969)
Live At Aragon Ballroom, Chicago (1970)
Two “Boots” From Mayall’s Acoustic Period (…and Sugarcane Harris)

I’ve already documented my interest in John Mayall’s brilliant 1969 album, The Turning Point (HERE). This drummer-less period in Mayall’s career found the old master turning the blues format inside-out, creating some of his best work in the process. Here are two bootleggy releases that capture Mayall’s Turning Point band, with Jon Mark & Johnny Almond, and his follow-up outfit, USA Union, with all-American players, Don “Sugarcane” Harris, Larry Taylor and the great Harvey Mandel. The Turning Point Soundtrack is just as it suggests… material recorded for a film of Mayall during the Turning Point period. It’s actually a legit 2CD release, on Eagle Records… it just sounds like a bootleg. Your ears will eventually adjust to the mix (but not the occassional pop). It’s a shame, though, as these live performances would be nothing less than essential if the sound was right. Boasting three different live versions of Mayall’s “California,” over 35 minutes, as well as multiple alt live takes of all of the original album (and its bonus tracks). Why it’s credited to The Bluesbreakers is anyone’s guess, though, the disc curiously begins with a snippet of a final Bluesbreakers incarnation, probably as part of the film. USA Union’s September 11, 1970 date at The Aragon Ballroom actually is a boot. It’s a tad shaky and a bit hissy, but not at all bad. Besides, it’s a rare opportunity to hear Mayall’s live work with this unique two guitar/bass/violin format, with “Sugarcane” Harris. There are some sloppy moments, but that might be attributable to the newness of the union. Two adventurous live stands from John Mayall. The Turning Point Soundtrack was also issued (with the same artwork) as Live 1969, and parts of it as Live At The Marquee 1969 – though it’s my guess that they all sound the same.

The Turning Point Soundtrack
Don’t Waste My Time
Sleeping By Her Side (8:23)
Room To Move (7:28)
Saw Mill Gulch Road (6:39)
Can’t Sleep This Night (6:06)
Thoughts About Roxanne (8:19)
I’m Gonna Fight For You JB (5:31)
I’m Gonna Fight For You JB (5:57)
California (12:42)
Can’t Sleep This Night
So Hard To Share (8:39)
Don’t Waste My Time (4:47)
I’m Gonna Fight For You JB (5:17)
The Laws Must Change (8:43)
California (11:00)
California (13:26)

Live At Aragon Ballroom, Chicago
Intro/You Must be Crazy (6:23)
My Pretty Girl (5:29)
Hookers & Winos (10:47)
Crying (8:07)
Took The Car (7:55)
Possessive Emotions (14:33)

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