RHYS CHATHAM A Crimson Grail

A Crimson Grail (2007)
For 400 Electric Guitars

Rhys Chatham cut his teeth on the downtown NYC avant music scene of the 60s, learning from the likes of La Monte Young and Tony Conrad. He’s known as a minimalist, but embraced electronics early on, and hasn’t been afraid to buck the minimalist concept as a result. He created a piece for 100 electric guitars in 1989 (An Angel Moves Too Fast to See), before taking the notion a step further in 2007 with A Crimson Grail, for 400 eclectic guitars. Hearing is believing, however, as the end result is more minimalist, and less chaotic, than one might imagine. Chatham just released a new, 2010 variation on this title, called A Crimson Grail (Outdoor Version), HERE, though, I have no idea how it compares. The orginal is at Amazon, HERE.

Part 1 (20:43)
Part 2 (16:00)
Part 3 (19:49)


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