P Newfunk Sampling Series (2000)

Newfunk Sampling Series
From An Unreleased 7 Disc Set

In late 1999 and early 2000, Prince announced he was issuing a massive 7CD box set comprised of hundreds of archived samples. The price tag was a whopping $700, with the promise that these samples could be used by the buyer “free and clear,” without royalty payments. The 7 discs in the series we’re subtitled Bass, The Human Voice, Guitar, Keyboards, Loops & Percussion, Sound FX and Orchestral. Of course, like many a Prince project, this one failed to officially appear. But… some of the tracks have leaked out. There are some that believe these samples, most clocking in at barely a few seconds each, emanate from an industry sampler disc. The bit rate is low, and these 98 samples zip into a measly 6MB file, so your downloading time will be quick. We’ve recently seen another set of 36 files floating around, but they’re just reconfigured versions of what’s already in the first 98. No word on if any of this will ever be released. Can’t see why Prince would bother these days, since the set would only be copied ad infinitum, negating any possible profit from the project. But… until that day, here’s a small taste from Prince’s vaults.

Bass Loop 001 (Come)
Bass Loop 002
Bass Loop 003
Bass Sample 001
Voice Sample (Bob George)
Voice Sample (Female – Dead Like Elvis)
Voice Sample (Female – Playground For The NPG)
Voice Sample (Female 01)
Voice Sample (Female 02)
Voice Sample (Female 03)
Voice Sample (Female 04)
Voice Sample (Female 05)
Voice Sample (Female 06)
Voice Sample (Male – Partyman No Pictures)
Voice Sample (Male – Thunderball)
Voice Sample (Male 01)
Voice Sample (Male 02)
Voice Sample (Male 03)
Voice Sample (Prince – Batman)
Voice Sample (Prince – Come 1)
Voice Sample (Prince – Da Fuck)
Voice Sample (Prince – Da Fuck 2)
Voice Sample (Prince – Face Down)
Voice Sample (Prince – I Love You)
Voice Sample (Prince – Laughing)
Voice Sample (Prince – Northside)
Voice Sample (Prince – One Two)
Voice Sample (Prince – Ouh)
Voice Sample (Prince – Ouh 2)
Voice Sample (Prince – Pheremone)
Voice Sample (Prince – Vibrator 1)
Voice Sample (Prince – Vibrator 2)
Voice Sample (Prince – What I’m Sayin‘)
Voice Sample (Rosie Gaines – I’m Here To Party)
Voice Sample (Tora Tora – Oh My God)
Voice Sample (Tora Tora – Welcome 2 The Dawn)
Voice Sample (Tora ToraWNPG)
Voice Sample (Vanity – Vibrator 1)
Voice Sample (Vanity – Vibrator 2)
Voice Sample (Vanity – Vibrator 3)
Voice Sample (Vanity – Vibrator 4)
Voice Sample (Vanity – Vibrator 5)
Voice Sample (Various 1999 Intro)
Voice Sample (Various 01)
Voice Sample (Various 02)
Voice Sample (Various 03)
Guitar Loop 001
Guitar Sample 001
Keyboard Sample 001 (LRC)
Drum Loop 001
Drum Loop 002
Drum Loop 003
Drum Loop 004 (Come)
Drum Loop 005 (Come)
Sound FX Loop 001 (Walking)
Sound FX Loop 002 (Tambourine)
Sound FX Loop 003
Sound FX Loop 004
Sound FX Loop 005
Sound FX Loop 006 (March)
Sound FX Loop 007 (Breath)
Sound FX Loop 009 (Handclap)
Sound FX Loop 010 (Fingerbell)
Sound FX Sample 001 (Bees)
Sound FX Sample 002
Sound FX Sample 003
Sound FX Sample 004 (Radio Interference)
Sound FX Sample 005
Sound FX Sample 006
Sound FX Sample 007
Sound FX Sample 008
Sound FX Sample 009
Sound FX Sample 010 (Engine)
Sound FX Sample 011
Sound FX Sample 012 (Dog)
Sound FX Sample 013
Sound FX Sample 014
Sound FX Sample 015
Sound FX Sample 016 (Ocean)
Sound FX Sample 017 (Thunder)
Sound FX Sample 018
Sound FX Sample 019
Sound FX Sample 020
Sound FX Sample 021
Sound FX Sample 022
Sound FX Sample 023
Sound FX Sample 024
Sound FX Sample 025
Sound FX Sample 026
Sound FX Sample 027
Trumpet Loop 001
Trumpet Sample 001
Trumpet Sample 002
Trumpet Sample 003
Trumpet Sample 004
Trumpet Sample 005
Trumpet Sample 006
Trumpet Sample 007


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