cover1Darn It! (1994)
Adventurous 2CD Fusion Of The Arts With A Guest List To Die For…

I’ve been meaning to post this 2CD oddity from Kip Hanrahan’s American Clave label for years, but there are so many artists involved that a daunting explanation was needed. Screw it. I’ll tell you the basics and let you decide for yourself. Technically, it’s jazz, but like many a Hanrahan project, it’s a fusion of ideas and ideology that covers a lot of ground. Like super-producer Bill Laswell, Hanrahan has a stable of shifting artists he calls on to color in his pictures. But, except for sporting an independent streak a mile wide, the Laswell comparisons end there. For Darn It!, a project “7 years in the making,” Hanrahan has melded the poetry of Paul Haines with a slew of genre-bending artists, including Robert Wyatt, Evan Parker, Alex Chilton, Wayne Hurvitz, Steve Swallow, Gary Lucas (The Magic Band), Paul Bley, Jack Bruce, Henry Threadgill, Derek Bailey… the list keeps going. But, this isn’t your standard fusion of word & sound, with someone reading poems over disembodied backing tracks (well… a couple, maybe). In fact, while the album is billed as Haines’, more often than not, the words take a back seat to the music. Hell, Paul Bley’s few contributions are totally instrumental. Instead, many of the vocals are viable, melodic extensions of the music. The couple of tracks you can hear below are not representative, just as none of them are. As usual with Hanrahan’s work, you’re faced with a decidedly non-commercial mix of jazz, pop, avant garde, rock… and even a dance number or two. It’s all rather schitzo, and all the more entertaining as a result. Even the artwork is askew, as the text on the cover art (above) is printed on the outside of the jewel case. Of course, the only way to know if you’ll like any of this is to try it, since explanations will only fall flat. Find this cool obscurity at Amazon (HERE).

Threats That Matter (3:05)
(Paul Bley)

Curtsy (5:07)
(Robert Wyatt, Evan Parker)

What This Was Going To Suppose To Mean (1:51)
(Evan Parker, Carmen Lundy)

Funnybird Song (1:45)
(Carla Bley, John Oswald)

Outside The City (2:22)
(Melvin Gibbs, DK Dyson, Richard Harrington, Derek Baynes)

Art In Heaven (2:35)
(Derek Bailey)

Rawalpindi Blues (5:10)
(Jack Bruce, Don Pullen, Leo Nocentelli, Robbie Ameen, Marvin “Smitty” Smith)

Sticks In The Mud (5:32)
(Marque Gilmore, Jesse Henry, Jay Stringer, Ben Nitza, Alva Rogers, Lewis Barnes)

There Aren’t These Things Questionable All Over (4:10)
(John Tchicai, Andrew Cyrille)

Les Paramedicaux Erotiques (4:18)
(Peter Sherer, JT Lewis, Silvana Deluigi, Henry Threadgill)

Jubilee (5:15)
(Michel Contat, Daniel Frieberg, David Shanchez, Andy Gonzales, Ignacio Berroa)

On The Way To Elsewhere And Here (3:33)
(Mary Margaret O’Hara, Steve Swallow, Gary Lucas, Robbie Ameen)

Inexplicably (1:26)
(Borneo Drummers, John Tchicai)

Poem For Gretchen Ruth (0:46)
(Alex Chilton, Wayne Hurvitz, David Hofstra, Bobby Previtte)

Just When I Thougt (0:09)
(Michel Contat)

This Dedication (0:50)
(Marvin “Smitty” Smith, Andy Gonzalez, John Tchicai)

Threats That Count (4:01)
(Paul Bley)

What This Was Going To Suppose To Mean (2:17)
(Evan Parker, Carmen Lundy)

Breakfast (3:36)
(Steve Swallow, Mary Margaret O’Hara, DD Jackson, Robbie Ameen)

Snow Variations On Darn It! (4:06)
(Michael Snow)

Darn It! (0:59)
(Fernando Saunders, Peter Scherer, George Cartwright, Alex Chilton, Wayne Hurvitz, David Hofstra, Bobby Previtte)

Route Doubt (1:08)
(Derek Bailey)

Ask Me If You Know (4:15)
(John Tchicai, Andy Gonzalez, Marvin “Smitty” Smith)

Those Sweet Blue Olives Of Bombay (4:14)
(John Tchicai, Andrew Cyrille)

Hello (2:17)
(John Tchicai, Michael Contat)

Mrs. Dressup (2:26)
(Melvin Gibbs, DK Dyson, Leo Nocentelli, Carlos Ward, Richard Harrington)

Third World Two Medley: She Was Showing Me/Boint Liver (2:32)
(Gary Lucas, Mary Margaret O’Hara, Fernando Saunders)

Breadfast (Late) (1:06)
(Alex Chilton, George Cartwright, Bobby Previtte, Wayne Hurvitz, David Hofstra)

The Please Fasten Your Seatbelt Sign (2:30)
(Paul Dutton, John Kamevaar, Al Mattes, John Oswald, Michael Snow, Jack Vorvis)

Testing Testing (3:02)
(Tim Haines, Avery Haines, Tim Wright, Maryanne Lifchek)

Darn It! Reprise (Down In Back!) (1:09)
(Roswell Rudd)

Threats That Can T Read (4:52)
(Paul Bley)

C’etait Dans La Nuit (4:55)
(Paul Haines, Roswell Rudd)



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    Many thanks – Captain – You are The W!
    First became aware of Hanrahan’s work when I did a searc in a Tower Records for another musician and learned of (and was able to purchase in the store – – remember going into a store and being able to find a record/disc with no problem – – and was listening to Conjure’s Cab Calloway Stands In For The Moon. Amazing the way Hanrahan seems to be able to form groupings of well known musicians – and, for some reason, seems to be very under the so-called radar
    Thanks, as always, for your time spent on this site – and, as I’ve said before, it’s amazing the amount of music you are able to fit under the deck of the boat!

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    Cpt W
    Have not heard of this , what a line up can’t wait to hear the track with Don Pullen great piano player who was lost to us so early in life.Thanks again for sharing !

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    This is an awesome share, Willard. Oh, Joy! for one more Kip track with Jack Bruce! Thanks!!

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