UTOPIA Deface The Music (1980) + Deface The Music Tour (1980/2001)

Deface The Music (1980)
Deface The Music Tour (1980/2001)
Rundgren & Utopia Play Spot The Influence

I was slow to embraced Todd & Utopia’s Beatles tribute album, Deface The Music. The writing is clever, if understated, and the performances are appropriately exuberant. I think it has something to do with the production, which just reeks of Todd’s 80s New Wave sound. It’s that one dimensional ‘sheen’ he sometimes employs, that somehow makes a full band sound like his solo, multi-tracked stuff. Still, it’s all so lively and earnest, you can’t help but bite… if you’ve ever enjoyed the source material, that is. Besides, if it was on a quiz, I’d request he did more of this kind of stuff, anyway. The cover mocks Meet The Beatles, as does the music (though, it’s technically a homage) and when the compositions evolve past the 1963/1964 stylings, as with the maturing McCartney-like composition, “Alone,” the concept reaches its higher potential. You’ll hear echos of “Day Tripper” in “Take It Home,” “Penny Lane” is paraphrased in “Hoi Ploi,” and “Life Goes On” is a harshly synthesized revamp of “Eleanor Rigby.” The live material from this period was officially released in 2001 as Deface The Music Tour – a two disc “official bootleg” in the Todd Archive Series. It’s got “boot” quality, too, especially in the beginning. Recorded October 31, 1980 in New Jersey, Utopia plays most of the Deface The Music album, bolstered by some high energy TR faves like, “Love In Action,” “Love Of The Common Man” & “I Saw The Light.” For Utopia fans, these albums should slide into your digital library right next to the 1980 Todd/Utopia album with Shaun Cassidy, Wasp (HERE). Amazon sellers have Deface (HERE) and Deface Tour (HERE) at not-so-nice prices.

I Just Want To Touch You (2:05)
Crystal Ball (2:03)
Where Does The World Go To Hide (1:45)
Silly Boy (2:24)
Alone (2:13)
That’s Not Right (2:41)
Take It Home (2:55)
Hoi Poloi (2:37)
Life Goes On (2:23)
Feel Too Good (3:08)
Always Late (2:26)
All Smiles (2:32)
Everybody Else Is Wrong (3:42)

I Just Want To Touch You (2:09)
Where Does The World Go To Hide (1:51)
Silly Boy (2:29)
Feel Too Good (4:19)
Road To Utopia (3:46)
Set Me Free (3:40)
Love Of The Common Man (3:51)
Crazy Lady Blue (4:44)
One World (3:24)
Back On The Street (4:19)
Crystal Ball (2:41)
All Smiles (3:02)
Shot In The Dark (4:00)
Caravan (8:00)
The Very Last Time (3:49)
Alone (2:37)
Always Late (2:24)
Take It Home (2:57)
That’s Not Right (3:02)
Everybody Else Is Wrong (3:56)
I Saw The Light (2:55)
Trapped (3:01)
Love In Action (3:56)
Couldn’t I Just Tell You (3:23)
Love Is The Answer (6:53)


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    This was a brilliant laubm in my opinion! Having already paid tribute to the Beatles in previous ways (see Faithful an some of his previous tunes), this was an all out tribute to the Fab 4. Although it also invokes images of others like the Searchers.
    I can hardly wait to hear the live CDs.
    Thanx Willard!!


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    I also want to thank you for having these TR links….I’m scouring your webpage(s) in wonderment at the treasures to be found. THANK YOU!!

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