AORTA Aorta (1969) + Aorta 2 (1970)

Aorta (1969)
Aorta 2 (1970)
Impressive Psychedelic Hello, Undefined Generic Goodbye

I guess because these guys hail from Illinois, and their ranks once included Peter Cetera (later of Chicago), Aorta has, over the years, been stylistically lumped in with other Chicago (the city) acts. In reality, Aorta’s 1969 debut is nothing short of classic psychedelia. Workingman’s psych, as opposed to flighty baroque-rock, but psychedelic, nonetheless. Backwards effects, Iron Butterfly guitar tones, church organs, nondescript monotone vocals and endlessly meandering melodies… it’s all here. Due to a lack of success, and ongoing personnel changes, Aorta took a different tack for Aorta 2, incorporating more traditional song craft, jazzier jamming and even some CSN-styled harmonizing (without CSN’s harmonies). “Devil, Maggot & Son” is clearly built on The Band’s foundation, and, while there’s some psych to be found on 2, it’s all delivered with less interesting results. “Egypt,” which you can hear below, sounds like some Mothers rehearsal outtake turned Deep Purple via Santana. Unfortunately, it lacks any identity of the band, Aorta, themselves… if they ever had an identity to begin with. Regardless, after Aorta 2, the band slipped into history. Footnote: Aorta’s Michael Been went on to form 80s rockers, The Call. Aorta is available at Amazon, HERE.

Main Vein (2:23)
Heart Attack (2:36)
What’s In My Mind’s Eye (2:53)
Magic Bed (2:42)
Main Vein II (1:29)
Sleep Tight (4:44)
Catalyptic (3:45)
Main Vein III (0:42)
Sprinkle Road To Cork Street (3:07)
Ode To Missy Mxyzosptlk (3:07)
Strange (4:27)
A Thousand Thoughts (3:50)
Thoughts & Feelings/Main Vein IV (4:07)

Aorta 2
Willie Jean (3:02)
Little Bonnie (4:19)
Blythe The Spirit (2:49)
Beg For His Forgiveness (4:55)
Egypt (4:05)
His Faith In Man (5:09)
Devil, Maggot & Son (2:49)
Sandcastles (2:54)
Pickin’ Blues (3:12)
Fallin’ Behind (3:26)


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    Thank YOU! Not very many sites repost. I only recently found your blog, and I love it.

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    It is your “Main Vein”. Opened for these guys at the Wild Goose in (I believe) Palatine, IL. We were a typical Chicago horn band from the time and, I guess, they thought these guys were the same. They did a shorter version of their 1st LP which knocked us out. Still have this vinyl LP and framed it to highlight the excellent cover. Now I can replace my somewhat scratchy vinyl rip.

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      Those were the days, eh?

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    I actually have Aorta on reel to reel

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      But, do you have a reel to reel player?

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