ROGER CHAPMAN Chappo (1979), Live In Hamburg (1979), Mail Order Magic (1980), Hyenas Only Laugh For Fun (1981), Mango Crazy (1983), The Shadow Knows (1984), Zipper (1986), Techno-Prisoners (1987), Walking The Cat (1989/1993), Live In Berlin (1989), Hybrid And Lowdown (1990), Under No Obligation (1992), Kiss My Soul (1996), Anthology 1979-1998 (1998) and Rollin’ & Tumblin’ (2003)

UPDATED: Any Roger Chapman fans out there? I was a Family man for decades, before turning my attention to Streetwalkers… both beloved British bands fronted by Chapman (and long time writing partner, guitarist Charlie Whitney). After the two split, Chapman went solo in 1979 with Chappo and Live In Hamburg, both solid albums that echoed the ballsy, throat-shredding characteristics of his best work. As a solo artist, however, Chapman wasn’t afraid to try new ideas, and future albums delivered plenty of variety, electro-dance beds and grand, slo-mo ballads, that seemed designed to keep pace with musical innovations, and maybe even attract the interest of mainstreamers. To no avail, though. As a result, much of Chapman’s solo catalog is hit and miss. Part of the problem was his inability to regularly produce top-notch material to feed his non-stop work ethic. You can also blame Family, Streetwalkers and Chappo’s own mythic, brawling & boozing rep for setting a standard too high. Since so many are unfamiliar with his solo career, I’ve included the 2CD, Anthology 1979-1998, for those just looking for an overview. Many thanks to Zed for sharing the 2003 bonus track version of Techno-Prisoners. I’ll be honest, many of my old German import discs (early CDs, often lacking remastered sonics) have been sitting on my neglected shelf for decades. No reason you shouldn’t enjoy them, though. Roger Chapman is still active today, getting more appreciation around his home base of Germany than he ever got here in the States. Click the album covers for links to Amazon for tough to find hard discs. Chapman’s got at least a dozen other releases besides these. We’ve got more Chappo, Family & Streetwakers in the archives; FAMILY: Once Upon A Time & More (Extras from the 2013 box set, HERE), Live, BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert & The Peel Sessions (HERE), Bonus Tracks (1968-1973) (over two hours, HERE), Bandstand (HERE), Fearless (HERE) & STREETWALKERS Vicious But Fair… Plus (HERE).

Chappo (1979)
Midnite Child (3:48
Moth To A Flame (4:58)
Keep Forgettin (4:15)
Shapes Of Things (3:50)
Face Of Stone (4:02)
Let’s Spend The Night Together (3:30)
Who Pulled The Nite Down (3:44)
Always Gotta Pay In The End (4:26)
Hang On To A Dream (3:35)
Pills (4:30)
Don’t Give Up (7:03)

Live In Hamburg (1979)
Moth To A Flame (5:49
Keep Forgettin (5:02)
Midnite Child (5:25)
Who Pulled The Nite Down/Talking About You (8:34)
Short List (6:44)
Can’t Get In/Keep A Knockin (7:48)
I’m Your Hoochie Couchie Man (3:57)
Let’s Spent The Night Together (5:58)


FrontMail Order Magic (1980)
Unknown Soldier (Can’t Get To Heaven) (3:47)
He Was, She Was (4:48)
Barman (5:27)
Right To Go (4:06)
Ducking Down (3:54)
Making The Same Mistake (4:59)
Another Little Hurt (3:55)
Mail Order Magic (4:28)
Higher Ground (4:16)
Ground Floor (1:58)

FrontHyenas Only Laugh For Fun (1981)
Prisoner (5:39)
Hyenas Only Laugh For Fun (3:12)
Killing Time (5:36)
Wants Nothing Chained (3:03)
The Long Goodbye (4:45)
Blood And Sand (4:57)
Common Touch (5:16)
Goodby (Reprise) (1:12)
Hearts On The Floor (4:28)
Step Up – Take A Bow (3:37)
Jukebox Mama (1:25)

Mango Crazy (1983)
Mango Crazy (4:41
Toys: Do You? (4:07)
I Read Your File (4:00)
Los Dos Bailadores (3:45)
Bluesbreaker (4:15)
Turn It Up Loud (4:05)
Let Me Down (3:22)
Hunt The Man (6:07)
Rivers Run Dry (4:10)
I Really Can’t Go Straight (4:16)
Room Service (2:50)
Hegoshegoyougoamigo (1:00)

The Shadow Knows (1984)
Busted Loose (4:45
Leader Of Man (5:14)
Ready To Roll (5:54)
I Think Of You Now (5:13)
Sitting Up Pretty (4:41)
How How How (5:42)
Only Love Is In The Red (4:27)
Sweet Vanilla (3:57)
I’m A Good Boy Now (2:54)

Zipper (1986)
Zipper (6:18
Running With The Flame (4:21)
On Do Die Day (6:09)
Never Love A Rolling Stone (4:00)
Let The Beat Get Heavy (4:54)
It’s Never Too Late To Do-Ron-Ron (4:39)
Woman Of Destiny (6:21)
Hoodoo Me Up (3:24)


Front copyTechno-Prisoners (1987/2003)
The Drum (4:35)
Wild Again (5:39)
Techno-Prisoners (6:00)
Black Forest (6:19)
We Will Touch Again (4:27)
Run For Your Love (4:42)
Slap Bang In The Middle (4:24)
Who’s Been Sleeping In My Bed (Wild Blood) (4:40)
Ball Of Confusion (8:05)
Who’s Been Sleeping In My Bed (Bonus) (4:46)
Slap Bang In The Middle (Bonus) (4:09)
We Will Touch Again (Bonus) (4:05)
Wild Again (Bonus) (5:15)
Red Moon & New Shoes (Bonus) (4:01)

Walking The Cat (1989/1993)
Kick It Back (4:22
Son Of Red Moon (3:47)
Stranger Than Strange (4:42)
Just A Step Away (Let’s Go) (5:37)
The Fool (2:54)
Walking The Cat (5:13)
J & D (3:36)
Come The Dark Night (4:56)
Hands Off (4:03)
Jivin (2:59)
Saturday Night Kick Back (1:51)

Live In Berlin EP (1989)
Shadow On The Wall (8:04
Let Me Down (4:50)
How How How (7:13)
Mango Crazy (11:11)



Hybrid And LowdownHybrid And Lowdown (1990)
Hot Night To Rhumba (5:25)
Holding On (4:31)
Hideaway (3:55)
Beautifully Indecent (4:43)
Sushi Roll (4:23)
Someone Else’s Clothes (4:17)
Chicken Fingers (2:56)
House Behind The Sun (5:07)
Sushi Rock (2:33)
Is There Anybody Out There (4:57)
Cops In Shades (3:56)
Bye Bye Love (5:08)

Under No ObligationUnder No Obligation (1992)
Love Is A Hard Thing (4:11)
Just A Child U.N.O. (4:41)
Dance Hall Years (4:31)
Stand Up (6:59)
King Of Cats (5:45)
Magic (5:09)
Even Angels (4:59)
Goldfish Blues (Without You) (4:59)
Skin And Bone (4:41)
Praying For Rain (10:06)
Sweet Legacy (Good Enough) (4:25)

Kiss My Soul (1996)
Into The Bright (4:03
Habits Of A Lifetime (4:27)
A Cat Called Kokomo (4:07)
One More Whisky (4:18)
Kiss My Soul (4:07)
Outside Looking In (4:40)
Beautiful Dreamers (6:06)
It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue (4:35)
Mistreated (3:52)
Song Of Desire (4:33)
Two Pieces Of Silver (4:30)
Really Started Something (3:55)

Anthology 1979-1998 (1998)
Always Gotta Pay In The End (4:28
Moth To A Flame (4:59)
Who Pulled The Night Down (3:45)
Keep Forgettin’ (Live) (4:53)
Let’s Spend The Night Together (Live) (6:04)
Barman (5:28)
Unknown Soldier (Can’t Get To Heaven) (3:47)
Ducking Down (3:56)
Hyenas Only Laugh For Fun (3:13)
Common Touch (5:17)
Mango Crazy (4:42)
Let Me Down (3:24)
Slow Down (2:20)
Slap Bang In The Middle (Live) (7:38)
Short List (Live) (6:24)
Shadow On The Wall (Live) (5:49)
Burlesque (Live)
My Friend The Sun (Live) (4:59)
Stone Free (5:55)
Prisoner (6:05)
The Shadow Knows (3:28)
How, How, How (5:41)
Never Love A Rolling Stone (3:58)
Zipper (6:17)
Zip Ah De Do Dah (Live) (3:22)
The Drum (4:37)
Walking The Cat (5:15)
Chicken Fingers (2:59)
Someone Else’s Clothes (4:18)
Love Is A Hard Thing (4:10)
Even Angels (4:57)
Kiss My Soul (4:08)
Into The Bright (4:03)

FrontRollin’ & Tumblin’ (2003)
No Mules Fool (3:37)
A Stone Unturned (4:59)
A Kid Called Mac & A Cat Called Kokomo (4:02)
Kiss My Soul (5:28)
Downbound Train (6:43)
Big River (4:51)
Burlesque (4:52)
Shadow On The Wall (4:06)
18 Wheels … And A Crowbar (5:42)
X-Town (4:56)
Jesus & The Devil (7:16)
Goodnight Irene (4:43)


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    How about some of the lofthouse tapes series?? This sight has gotta be my favorite on the web.All I can say is MORE PLEASE!!!!! Phil winans

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      Don’t got ’em, sorry.

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    I heard a story that when Family was playing Fillmore East, Roger was spinning his mic like a lariat. He let out a little too much mic cord and the mic hit Bill Graham(who was standing in the wings just off stage)on the jaw. After Bill shook it off he had his employees take Family’s name off the marquee while they were still onstage.

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    Chapman posesses perhaps the most odd voice in rock & roll….a thin reedy warble that delivers very time.

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    Download links are where?

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    Lovely…. anyone seen the reunion concerts anywhere???

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    I’ve taken a couple of those, thanx.
    Has anyone got “Techno-prisoners” please?

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    I can’t be the only person who thinks that the cover of ‘Chappo’ makes him look like he’s on the run from Guantanamo….

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    Glad to see / hear there are other Roger Chapman fans out there. I’ve been listening to and collecting Family albums since the late 60s when I came upon “Family Entertainment” by accident at my university bookstore. Never looked backed after that and bought every LP they released that I could find. After Family, I also discovered Whitney / Chapman – Streetwalkers and started tracking those albums down. When cds and downloads arrived, I updated everything in my collection and learned about Chapman’s solo European carreer and went after that material too. I must admit it is quite a lot of Chapman’s voice but if you get it then you just have to hear more. The musicians he has performed with have all been top notch and the music amazing. As he has performed more R&B and Soul styles in his solo carreer, you can see where his sound has come from and that there are others who are similar. None the same, but similar.

    Awesome, collection!

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      Yeah, there’s something about his voice that’s magnetic (once you’re on board) and even makes the lesser material tolerable.

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    Chappo…what can we say?…..Sounds like hes gargled with razor blades…some excellent stuff here…I’ve decided….The Anthology….and Rolling and Tumbling are my best bets….but everything else is classic to….thanks Willard….you are the best….cheers.

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    Holy shit Willard! Just back from vacation and I’m greeted with all this RogChap material. Good one!! Me so happy!

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