LYDIA LUNCH Matrikamantra (1997)

Matrikamantra (1997)
Obscure 2CD Studio/Live Set

I’ve always kinda liked Lydia Lunch, even while full knowing that her catalog of guerrilla nihilism, bratty poetry and sexual obsessions can just as easily double as a parody of itself and the genre. If you’d first heard this same work in some dark, Candy Slice-styled comedy skit, you’d get the joke immediately. Still, Lunch’s chosen path is admirable, always on the extreme edge, always proudly brazen and always able to channel the grating, teenage jerk within. Her only professional guarantee? A lifetime of monetary duress (which, as it happens, simultaneously provides the work with artistic weight). Lunch’s vocal style falls just shy of snotty impudence, while her sexual observations and existentialist, spoken word rants generally fall just short of making a viable point. Matrikamantra is one of her better, and rarer, releases. Not even mentioned at The All Music Guide, it’s a beautifully packaged 2CD set issued by Atavistic & (Central Florida’s) Figurehead Records. Disc one, Harbinger House, is a studio set filled with fluid and spacey avant noise (and/or sampling) fronted by Lydia’s whispered poetic taunting. Even in the 21st Century she sounds like the brat of epic proportions she’s always been. The musical backdrops here are quite rewarding. Disc two is Live At Prague, and features much of the same material found on the first disc. Curiously, it doesn’t even really sound live at all (until you hear a faint audience at the very end) and delivers a similar style of atmospheric dread beneath Lydia’s disembodied thoughts. The download includes booklet scans featuring some of LL’s photography. Amazon.

Matrikamantra: Harbinger House
Need To Feed (3:52)
Inverted Dream (2:33)
Disease Of The Night (5:46)
Psychic Anthropology (3:27)
Cesspool Called History (5:01)
Dread (4:26)
Escape (2:51)
Itch (2:41)
Solo Mystico (2:47)
Lethe (3:27)
In Spite Of God (2:56)
Archives Of Blood (2:55)
Outpatients (5:22)

Matrikamantra: Live In Prague
Intro/World Of Whispers (8:30)
Cesspool Called History
Gravediggers Of The Future (5:45)
Need To Feed (6:36)
Perfumed Corpses (6:30)
Disease Of The Night (4:34)
In Spite Of God/Vortex (11:13)
Hermones (3:51)
Dread (5:45)
Outpatients/Exit (9:24)


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    Oh, i’ve been searching this for too long, can’t wait to hear it. Great Review

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    Cool… you seem to be the only one.

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      No, he’s not the only one. When,at last,got my new VISA card. Paid for 1st time.
      Mss Lunch was gone(for lunch,maybe?)
      Is there any chance she come back?
      And yes,she’s a bitch(but assholes never die)

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    I bought this when it came out, but nice to see you up’d it. Her stuff is becoming tougher to find. BTW, I’ve met her and talked with her and she dropped the persona and was very nice lol, though I know she has a lot of anger within her.

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      Not quite as cute as she used to be, either (in that doomed debutante sort of way).

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