CADILLAC JONES The Big Takedown (2006) + Junk In The Trunk (2003)


The Big Takedown (2006)
Junk In The Trunk (2003)
Funksters With A Sense Of History And All The Right Moves

I’m surprised The Big Takedown isn’t more appreciated. It’s a concept album, based on 70s blaxploitation soundtracks, and you can almost imagine the non-existent screenplay from the songs titles alone – which tell a rags-to-criminal-riches tale through character-driven tunes like “East Coast Eddie,” “Blackbyrd’s Theme” and “Ike’s Regret.” Even providing a ready-to-go sequel opportunity (should the album ever reach the ears it should) with “Return Of The Narq.” Fortunately, while the premise here is a lost 70s film soundtrack, Cadillac Jones doesn’t sacrifice musicianship or ideas to that altar, and they feel free to use more modern nuances, rather than adhere to a strict parody or homage. You can hear many of the same ideas on 2003’s, Junk In The Trunk, a slightly jazzier funk affair, filled with bristling horn charts and solos coloring that vital back beat. FYI: There’s a digital glitch in the song “Power” (hard drive files, what can you do?). Get The Big Takedown (HERE) and Junk In The Trunk (HERE) at Amazon.

The Big Takedown
Narq (0:28)
Hottub (5:26)
Tarzan (5:32)
14th Street Hustle (4:56)
Speakeasy (4:56)
East Coast Eddie (2:14)
Blackbyrds’ Theme (6:09)
The Mac (3:59)
Casin’ The Joint (7:55)
Ike’s Regret (5:16)
Barbados (0:49)
Power (5:51)
Return Of The Narq (5:17)
(Untitled) (2:57)

Junk In The Trunk
Tilt (4:53)
Upper Decker (3:39)
Sammy Sosa (6:44)
Galaxy Galore (4:18)
Friend Or Foe? (8:39)
Yahtzee Champ (3:36)
Giant Steps (5:13)
Concourse ’73 (5:40)
Janine Is Fat (4:46)
Your Mama (6:47)
Adults Making Love (7:19)
Anthesis (10:19)


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