JIMI HENDRIX The Complete Are You Experienced

The Complete Are You Experienced
Live In The Studio Outtakes

Like many poorly crafted bootlegs, the title of this one is misleading. These studio session tapes have been floating around bootleg shops and torrent sites for years, with differing aliases and track listings – most notably, Out Of The Studio and Are You Experienced – The Sessions, Volumes 1 & 2. So, to be accurate, there’s nothing really “complete” about this set. But if, like me, you’re a sucker for hearing your favorites live in the studio, then you should enjoy this collection of outtakes, backing tracks, false starts and run-throughs that capture The Experience’s first studio dates for Are You Experienced, from 1966-67. History on tape. As collectors have come to expect, there’s some weeding that needs to be done to get to the goods (some of the “Hey Joe” “takes,” for example, are fully overdubbed versions), but you’ll get the gist. Many of the take-after-take clusters are instrumental, with Hendrix’s lead vocals sometimes heard off-mic, if at all. This boot’s sound is pretty good… but sonically flat and, at times, speed-challenged. There’s plenty more Jimi in the archives, including live studio outtakes from the “Voodoo Chile” sessions.

Hey Joe (take 1) (3:45)
Can You See Me (takes 1-4) (8:45)
51st Anniversary (takes 1-3) (5:01)
Fire (takes 1-6) (7:37)
Red House (take 1) (4:30)
Hey Joe (takes 2-4) (9:15)
Hey Joe (with The Breakaways) (3:26)
Purple Haze (3:01)
Purple Haze (guitar overdubs) (2:44)
Fire (take 7) (2:32)
The Wind Cries Mary (3:31)
I Don’t Live Today (takes 1-5) (15:44)

Red House (takes 2-5)
La Pouppee Qui Fait Non (3:43)
Manic Depression (takes 1-3) (9:38)
Remember (takes 1-6) (17:50)
May This Be Love (unknown mix) (3:15)
May This Be Love (French single mix) (3:17)
Stone Free (unknown mix) (3:39)
Can You See Me (unknown mix) (2:36)
Are You Experienced (guitar overdub) (2:43)
Mr. Bad Luck (Look Over Yonder) (2:54)
Taking Care Of Business (4:10)
Cat Talkin‘ To Me (2:36)



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    great post I am assuming that the first cd is the original and the second is outtakes ? By the way the link for the first one on ZS is down kaput etc.Lovin all the live Hendrix thanks for sharing

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      New link up. Actually, both discs are outtakes and alt mixes.

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    Thank you very much guess I should not assume any more.I will enjoy this and several other live recordings that I have this weekend sitting by a fire and enjoying a cold one or two but probably more.Thanks again for all the sharing and I hope you have a happy holiday season.

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