Hurt Me (1984)
The Ex-Dolls’ Acoustic Album

A Johnny Thunders acoustic album? To be accurate, some of this material can easily be categorized as “demos,” of some sort. And, there’s plenty of older, recognizable compositions, from the Dolls’ “Lonely Planet Boy” to Thunders’ own, “You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory.” But, JT must have been in some kind of “an acoustic phase” when he made these recordings in France in Oct/Nov 1983, as he also tackles two Dylan songs (albeit, one for just 20 seconds), along with the classic, “Eve Of Destruction.” One fun cover is the obscure Keith Richards co-write with manager Andrew Loog Oldham, “I’d Much Rather Be With The Boys” – a tune given to one of The Loog’s stable of unsuccessful acts (and which subsequently appeared on the Stones’ odds & sods album, Metamorphosis). Of course, “acoustic” isn’t the way most remember Johnny Thunders, so the end result is that this album is more a curio than a necessity (which means… it’s best savored by Johnny junkies). This French import also includes 5 bonus tracks, the “studio” side of the 1982 full band album, In Cold Blood – which, according to the liner notes, was produced by the great Jimmy Miller. Which must mean there are two Jimmy Millers, right? Regardless, the additional tracks help to end this reissue in a way we know Thunders best, loud and sloppy. We’ve got some more JT in the archives (HERE) and, if you’re interested, Nuzz Prowling Wolf has a bunch of live Thunders boots (HERE). Amazon’s got variations of this release, most without the bonus tracks (HERE).

Sad Vacation (2:16) (Thunders)
Eve of Destruction
(1:20) (Sloan)
Too Much Too Soon (1:06) (Thunders/Sylvain)
Joey Joey (2:12) (Dylan)
I’m A Boy I’m A Girl (2:24) (Thunders)
Go Back To Go (1:13) (Thunders)
I Like To Play Games (1:59) (Thunders)
Hurt Me (3:12) (Thunders/Hell)
Illegitimate Son Of Segovia (3:00) (Thunders)
It Ain’t Me Babe (0:20) (Dylan)
Diary Of A Lover (2:48) (Thunders)
I’d Rather Be With The Boys (1:56) (Richards/Oldham)
You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory (2:52) (Thunders)
She’s So Untouchable (2:29) (Thunders)
Ask Me No Questions (2:04) (Thunders)
She’s So Strange (1:40) (Thunders)
Lonely Planet Boy (1:37) (Johansen)
MIA (1:37) (Thunders)
Cosa Nostra (1:18) (Thunders)
In Cold Blood (2:27) (Thunders)
Just Another Girl (3:57) (Thunders)
Green Onions (5:07) (Jones/Cropper/Jackson/Steinberg)
Diary Of A Lover (3:10) (Thunders)
Look In My Eyes (1:57) (Thunders)



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