WHISKEYTOWN Forever Valentine + The Fucker Demos (1997/1998)

Forever Valentine (1997)
The Fucker Demos (1998)
Unreleased Demos From Ryan Adams’ Alt Country Glory Days

Two sets of unreleased recordings from alternative country greats, Whiskeytown. Forever Valentine is fitting for VD (Valentine’s Day, that is), and features live studio outtakes and unfinished material that the prolific Ryan Adams saw fit to record, then abandon. Something he’s done repeatedly throughout his career. The Fucker Demos are from the tail end of Whiskeytown, around 1998, and have been floating around in at least two different configurations. There’s a so-called “complete” version out there, but it really just combines the two known versions, adding four out-of-place demos from, seemingly, another session altogether. In fact, I’ve seen these same tunes referred to as Heartbreaker demos, even though Heartbreaker, a post-Whiskeytown Adams’ solo album, came out in 2000. There are a few sound issues on various tracks – they’re not all perfect – but that shouldn’t hamper your enjoyment. These demos don’t compare to Whiskeytown’s officially released albums, of course, but are examples of Adams’ effortless ability to create viable, nuanced alt country, and should find favor with fans. More Whiskeytown in the archives, HERE.

Forever Valentine
Anyone But Me (a/k/a Dial Tone) (4:19)
Don’t Wanna Know Why (4:05)
Easy Hearts (4:03)
Sittin’ Around (4:08)
Rays Of Burning Light (a/k/a Rays Of Light) (4:53)
Ghost Without Memory (4:54)
Running Out Of Road (3:35)
Can’t Take A Lover (a/k/a Talkin’ In My Sleep) (2:21)
Think About Me (a/k/a What You Think About Me) (4:28)
Crazy Lonesome (a/k/a Memory Away) (2:22)
Caroline (4:09)

The Fucker Demos
In My Time Of Need (Alt. Demo Version) (4:13)
Bar Lights (2:57)
Win (2:57)
All I Wanted (a/k/a Comfortable Only At Night) (3:26)
Out Of Time (2:19)
Sit And Listen To The Rain (2:38)
Night Lights (a/k/a Leave The Lights Off) (3:25)
Probably Gonna Happen (a/k/a Bound To Happen) (2:08)
West NY Serenade (a/k/a What Makes the World Like This) (3:14)
Lil’ Girls (a/k/a Hurts Sometimes) (2:50)
In The World (a/k/a Tearing Me Up Inside) (2:59)
Medicine (3:56)



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    Great stuff – really digging all this great old Ryan Adams material! Thanks!

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    I have a cd entitled Ryan Adams The Heartbreaker Demos which is actually The Fucker Demos and Forever Valentine combined. I was confused for a while because i knew that they were Whiskeytown songs. Brilliant stuff, regardless.

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    simply Fantastic!!!!!! Thank you so much from Italy!!!

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