National Lampoon (Jan-Dec, 1975)

January – December 1975
RE-UPPED .PDF files of National Lampoon magazine for the year 1975. They’re all watermarked (but easy to read). Classic, groundbreaking 70s humor. Sorry, no Table of Contents info for this set. Links in comments.



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    Search HERE

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    Thanks W!

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    Thanks for posting the National Lampoon pdfs. Do you have access to any pdfs of Mad Magazine as well? And if so, would you be able to post them?. I dl’d a bunch from another site but now the links don’t work and I wasn’t able to get all the ones I wanted. I got up to June 1970, from the very beginning and was keen on getting at least up to the mid-70s,

    Thanx for EVERYTHING!

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    Thanks for the National Lampoons !!! They are a wonderful blast from the past.

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