PAUL McCARTNEY Red Rose Speedway Collector’s Edition

Red Rose Speedway
Collector’s Edition

Fantastic Outtakes & Remixes

These outstanding outtakes and alternatives have been released on maybe a dozen different bootlegs, but no two are exactly alike, however, all offering differing track selections and running orders. If you’re a hardcore collector, you’ve probably got this stuff, in one form or another. If all this is new to you… you’re in for a treat, as these are some great sounding rarities and unreleased studio recordings – like the jazzy, out-of-character instrumental, “Bridge On The River Suite,” or the studio outtake of “The Mess,” which you can hear below. Some of the “rough mixes” sound more like unaltered, live-in-the-studio recordings, while much of the first disc deals with versions sporting minor alterations. Best part is the sound, which makes this a great listen from start to finish. More Paulie in the archives, HERE.

Country Dreamer (Original Single Version) (3:09
Night Out (Rough Mix) (2:17)
One More Kiss (New Remaster Version) (2:32)
Jazz Street (Unedited Instrumental Version) (8:05)
Big Barn Bed (Rough Mix) (3:50)
My Love (Original Mono Mix) (4:08)
When The Night (Rough Mix) (3:52)
Single Pigeon (Rough Mix) (2:00)
Tragedy (First Mix) (3:21)
Mama’s Little Girl (Rough Mix) (3:46)
Loup (1st Indian On The Moon) (Rough Mix) (4:23)
I Would Only Smile (Rough Mix) (3:26)
I Lie Around (Original Single Version) (5:01)
Little Lamb Dragonfly (New Remaster Version) (6:21)
Get On The Right Thing (New Remaster Version) (4:19)
1882 (Live In Hague ’72) (6:26)
The Mess (Live In Hague ’72) (4:59)

007 Theme/Live And Let Die (Quadraphonic Mix)
The Mess (Studio Outtake) (4:51)
Thank You Darling (Studio Outtake) (3:19)
Bridge Over The River Suite (Instrumental Backing Track) (3:15)
Tragedy (Remix – Sitar and Vibraphone Overdub) (3:24)
Seaside Woman (Rough Mix) (3:57)
Night Out (Extra Lyrics Version) (2:33)
Mama’s Little Girl (Remix – Additional Percussion and Clarinet) (3:44)
Hi Hi Hi (Promotional Film Version) (3:14)
C Moon (Promotional Film Version) (4:41)
Tragedy (Remix – Harp and Different Vocal Track) (3:20)
Jazz Street (Edited Outtake) (5:15)
My Love (Promotional Film Version) (4:19)
Country Dreamer (Acoustic Version) (1:54)
Night Out (Instrumental Backing Track) (2:31)
Best Friend (Live In Antwerp ’72) (4:03)
Henry’s Blue (Live In Amsterdam ’72) (6:49)
Soily (Live In Antwerp ’72) (4:09)
Hi Hi Hi (Live At Elstree Studio ’73) (3:20)



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      March 12, 2015 - 02:01 | Permalink

      Loving the first disc – best ever quality version of Mama’s Little Girl I’ve ever heard.
      The link for Disc 2 is not working, however. Would love to hear it

      • Willard
        March 12, 2015 - 14:43 | Permalink

        New link up. If you’re having issues with ALL zippys, you’re going to have to ask Google for help. It may be a country issue, or something else.

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    Great site and great content Williard!

    Any possibility to re-up the second disc on this collection? The MF link is not active.

    Thanks much!!

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    New link up, thanks.

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    Thanks for your help Williard. Much appreciated!

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    many tanx!

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    I can’t wait to check out the Ram mono mix and these outtakes. Btw, have you heard any other quad mixes of Paul/John/Beatles-related stuff?

    • Willard
      February 14, 2014 - 14:15 | Permalink

      No… I’m not really an A/B guy who likes to compare mixes.

  • February 14, 2014 - 14:36 | Permalink

    I’m not either, for the most part… but I’ve found it interesting checking out some of the old quad mixes from the 70s. Did Paul do any other mono mixes of his solo albums?

    • Willard
      February 14, 2014 - 14:46 | Permalink

      Not sure. Maybe not, since mono was passé by then.

  • Mike
    August 22, 2014 - 22:49 | Permalink

    Hey there Willard. Thank you so much for these tracks. It’s all fantastic. I need to explore your archives. Thanks Again.

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      Have fun. Thanks for commenting.

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