DAVE MASON Alone Together (1970) + DAVE MASON & CASS ELLIOT Dave Mason & Cass Elliot (1971)

DAVE MASON Alone Together (1970)
DAVE MASON & CASS ELLIOT Dave Mason & Cass Elliot (1971)
Mason’s First Two Post-Traffic Jams

The first two solo LPs from Dave Mason. His debut, 1970’s Alone Together, successfully pushed Mason past his profile in Traffic, while simultaneously satisfying listeners just waking up to the folksy, southern-fried, gospel/blues exemplified by the likes of Delaney & Bonnie (who Mason toured with), Eric Clapton’s solo debut (molded by the same tour) and Stephen Stills. Alone Together‘s highlights, “Only You Know And I Know” and the Stills-ish, “Shouldn’t Have Took More Than You Gave,” were FM staples of the new decade. In retrospect, Stills fans may be surprised at the stylistic similarities of both their 1970 works (“Just A Song” sounds like an outtake from Stephen Stills). As it turned out, Alone Together was a fitting title, as Mason’s best work – with Winwood in Traffic, Capaldi on “Look At You, Look At Me,” and Hendrix co-arranging “All Along The Watchtower” – showed his collaborative results to be one of his strongest suits. Even his 1971 follow up, a head-scratching joint effort with Mama Cass Elliot, was cut from the same cooperative cloth. At the time, I remember being put off by the union, but, listening again, the album is worthy of a full re-evaluation. Dave Mason & Cass Elliot is still primarily a Mason album, as Cass’ vocal work (with the exception of “Here We Go Again,” the LP’s only sore thumb), is of the background variety. Unsurprisingly, she often shines, as on the opening track, “Walk To The Point.” If anything held this album back, it was simply the lack of any memorable material on par with its predecessor, even though it’s a direct musical descendant. Mason (HERE) and Mason/Elliot (HERE) are both at Amazon.


Only You Know And I Know (4:07)
Can’t Stop Worrying, Can’t Stop Loving
Waitin‘ On You
Shouldn’t Have Took More That You Gave
World In Changes
Sad And Deep As You
Just A Song
Look At You Look At Me

Walk To The Point
On And On
To Be Free
Here We Go Again
Pleasing You (3:05)
Sit And Wonder
Someting To Make You Happy
Too Much Truth, Too Much Love
Next To You
Glittering Facade (4:46)


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    Hey W, thanx for Dave & Cass…I havent heard this in eons…still have the vinyl, and the last time I listened to this was when I had my albums shipped from Ontario to Alberta (about ’79). This happened to be at the front of the first box I opened…it took me by surprise than, and I’m sure it will again!
    (oh yea, Alone Together happens to be one of the album covers on display in my music room right now…over top of my 1954 AMI juke box!)


    • Willard
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      ’54 juke… cool. The only LP I’ve got displayed is Two Virgins. Go figure, eh?

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    Thanx Nice Post

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    I still have a marble copy somewhere in storage….Alone Together was really such a great record and from what I remember it sounded great as well. Thanks, Willard; haven’t heard it in years…..

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    Just listening to “Alone Together” right now, gosh, I love this album, and the mastering on this particular post…it’s never sounded better, this album! Thanks!!! Going to check out Cass and Dave next, I can’t believe that album even exists! Poor Cass…..no respect, always a punchline. A travesty. Thanks again, Willard.

  • Feilimid
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    Thank you for reminding me of how great Dave Mason was. He, Traffic, Van Morrison, Jim Pepper, and a few other singers and bands were the playlist of my college years decades ago. I remember discovering how talented Cass Elliott was on his album with her. She deserved more recognition than the just being the large girl in the Mommas and Poppas line-up and the object of fat jokes.

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