THE GUESS WHO The Way They Were (1970/1976) + Share The Land (1970)

The Way They Were (1970/1976)
Share The Land (1970)
Unreleased Sessions … And A Fresh Start

RE-UPPED The most successful version of The Guess Who – the American Woman line up with Randy Bachman – imploded during the recording of their follow-up release. Without missing a beat, the band recruited two guitarists, Kurt Winter and Greg Leskiw, to fill the void left by the exiting Bachman, and quickly released one of their better, and most commercial LPs, Share The Land. The change turned out to be (at least temporarily) fortuitous, as the additions improved the group’s musical dexterity, both instrumentally and harmonically. From his previous band, Winter brought along at least one killer composition, “Hand Me Down World,” and he & de facto leader Burt Cummings hit the ground running, co-writing “Do You Miss Me Darlin‘” and “Hang On To Your Life.” While it’s true that The Guess Who’s commercial focus began to splinter after this album, true fans (and a lot of Canucks) still savored the many, increasingly strange albums that would follow. We’ve got a bunch in the archives. The Guess Who’s final, unreleased 1970 recordings with Bachman sat in the can for another six years until original producer Jack Richardson polished them up for release when GW split up in 1976. I’ve never been the biggest fan of The Way They Were, as the recordings seem sonically flat compared to the bright and snappy Share The Land, but it’s still an important missing link in the band’s history. One of the songs, “Miss Frizzy,” would be reworked for GW’s 1973 album, #10. In the last decade, The Way They Were has been abandoned and disseminated as bonus tracks for various reissues. NOTE: We’ve finally re-upped a 2010 remaster of Share The Land. Soundwise, it’s nothing “spectacular,” but it’s the best one so far, and the bonus tracks included long-needed refurbished tracks from The Way They Were. Find Share The Land (HERE) and The Way They Were (HERE) at Amazon.

The Way They Were
Silver Bird (2:41)
Species Hawk (3:29)
Runnin‘ Down The Street (4:16)
Miss Frizzy (5:09)
Palmyra (5:48)
The Answer (3:54)
Take The Long Way Home (5:40)

Share The Land
Bus Rider (3:00)
Do You Miss Me Darlin (3:57)
Hand Me Down World (3:29)
Moan For You Joe (2:42)
Share The Land (3:56)
Hang On To Your Life (4:11)
Coming Down Off The Money Bag/Song Of The Dog (3:57)
Three More Days (8:53)
Palmyra (Bonus Track) (5:42)
The Answer (Bonus Track) (4:05)


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    Share the Land is an excellent album, which at times was so much like the Bachman stuff, fans didnt have to worry about the major line up change.
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