THE RADHA KRSNA TEMPLE The Radha Krsna Temple (1971) – Produced By George Harrison

The Radha Krsna Temple (1971)
Produced By George Harrison

Who would have guessed that a lonely sitar sitting on the set of The Beatles’ second movie, Help, would lead to George Harrison’s soul-meld with Indian culture and its music? In 1965, he was still writing love songs like “I Need You” for his beat combo, but Harrison began incorporating the sitar into The Beatles’ rapidly expanding instrumental arsenal almost immediately. And he didn’t stop there. George’s first solo album, Wonderwall Music, was half Indian music. Then, after the Hare Krishna’s camped out at Apple Records, George took members of the Radha Krsna Temple into the recording studio for these late 60s recordings. I’ve never been a fan of Harrison’s brave “westernization” of Indian music – adding backbeats and western song structure – but, fortunately, he limits those intrusions to the opening track, “Govinda” (as he also did on the opening track of Ravi’s Shankar Family & Friends, HERE). The music, including two bonus tracks, is ripe with the mystery and intrigue that inspired the quiet Beatle in the first place, though, who would have thought that the “Hare Krsna Mantra” was a dead ringer for Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land?” Or… vice versa? Amazon has it, HERE.

Govinda (4:46)
Sri Guruvastak
Bhaja Bhakata and Arotrika (8:28)
Hare Krsna Mantra (3:37)
Sri Isopanisad (4:06)
Bhaja Hure Mana (8:55)
Govinda Jai Jai (6:07)
Prayer To The Spiritual Masters (Bonus Track) (4:00)
Namaste Saraswati Devi (Previously Unissued Bonus Track) (5:00)


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