ALAN PRICE O Lucky Man! (1973) w/ 18 Bonus Tracks

O Lucky Man! (1973)
Expanded Import, Great Price

Alan Price once enjoyed a fleeting connection with film fame. He was cast as a real-life, two-fisted drinker in the 1967 Dylan documentary, Don’t Look Back, and made a lasting impression on movie-goers via his uniquely framed musical performances in Malcolm McDowell’s follow up to A Clockwork Orange, O Lucky Man! In retrospect, one aspect of the soundtrack’s appeal, lost on me in the early 70s, is Randy Newman’s influence on Price’s pop-infected British music hall vibe. Living in the States, and not being privy to most of the ex-Animal’s earlier solo work, I was unaware of Price’s devotion to Newman’s music. This 2009 Japanese reissue of, perhaps, Alan Price’s most popular work, is like no version I’ve ever seen. It offers an additional 18 bonus tracks, while simultaneously coloring in Price’s Newman connection with added covers of Randy’s “So Long Dad,” “Love Story,” “Yellow Man,” “Tickle Me” and “Simon Smith And His Amazing Dancing Bear.” Oddly, most (if not all) of these 18 bonus tracks are culled from previous albums, including Fame/Price/Together (1971), The Price Is Right (1968) and A Price On His Head (1967) – which could have almost been titled, Price Sings Newman, released 3 years before Harry Nilsson’s celebrated set, Nilsson Sings Newman. O Lucky Man! is a great album that’s ripe for rediscovery.

O Lucky Man (2:20)
Poor People (2:12)
Sell Sell (4:04)
Pastoral (2:14)
Look Over Your Shoulder (3:05)
Justice (2:23)
My Home (1:50)
Town (2:41)
Changes (2:03)
O Lucky Man (Reprise) (2:26)

…Bonus Tracks
Any Day Now (My Wild And Beautiful Bird) (2:59)
I Put A Spell On You (3:19)
Hi Lili Hi Lo (2:49)
Take Me Home (2:48)
Getting Mighty Crowded (2:15)
Simon Smith And The Amazing Dancing Bear (1:50)
Tickle Me (2:49)
The House That Jack Built (3:15)
So Long Dad (2:30)
To Ramona (3:09)
Shame (2:49)
Don’t Stop The Carnival (2:31)
Love Story (2:47)
The Trimdon Grange Explosion (3:57)
Sunshine And Rain (The Name Of The Game) (2:56)
Rosetta (2:44)
Yellow Man (3:38)
That’s How Strong My Love Is (5:04)


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    I was working in the Mizzou photojournalism darkroom, listening to the cassette I had made from this LP when a student came in and said, “Hey, my dad produced the Animals.”
    I immediately said, “Your dad was Tom Wilson?” Tom Wilson made Simon & Garfunkel’s electrified Sounds of Silence, produced Bob Dylan, Velvet Underground, etc, etc…and signed Frank Zappa!!
    He was surprised, I think, that I knew who father Tom was. He was studying sports journalism at that time. We talked several times about the Mothers and others he encountered.
    The younger Mr. Wilson (sadly, I’ve forgotten his first name) said he remembers as a child blowing off going to see Hendrix practice (No thanks, dad, I want to watch Gilligan’s Island…)

    Thanks for this one! (and for all the rest you do) Looking forward to this expanded version.

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      Cool story, thanks.

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    Willard, could you make this one available as a Zippyshare link? DF did not work for me. Thanks.

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      Link is working fine, and since you’re in the US, it’s probably a browser issue. Try using a different browser.

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