Updated: ALAN PRICE Savaloy Dip (1974/2016) – The Bootleg & The Official Release

Savaloy Dip (1974)
Unreleased O Lucky Man! Follow-Up

UPDATED 2011 POST: Ex-Animal Alan Price’s follow-up to the successful O Lucky Man! was never “officially” released (until now, see below). According to legend (and online ruminations), Savaloy Dip was delivered, but rejected by Price’s US label, Warner Bros. Not, however, before some pre-pressed 8-track tapes made it into the hands of those who didn’t want to see these recordings disappear forever. Rumored to be banished for lack of a hit single, Price took the rejected Savaloy Dip back to the studio and scrapped it, salvaging only one song, “Between Today And Yesterday” – a tune Price would wrap an entire, autobiographical album around, creating the actual follow-up to O Lucky Man, the deft Between Today And Yesterday (HERE). The sound quality here is great, though not perfect. The title track is split in two, presumably, because of its 8-track source, which stylistically recalls The Kinks’ Muswell Hillbillies. Scroll down for more…

Smells Like Lemon, Tastes Like Wine (4:25)
Over And Over Again (4:12)
Savaloy Dip (Beginning) (1:07)
Savaloy Dip (Conclusion) (2:56)
Keep On Doin’ It (2:30)
Between Today and Yesterday (3:46)
You Won’t Get Me (3:55)
Passing Us By (2:19)
And So Goodbye (3:53)
Country Life (2:28)
Willie the Queen (3:07)
Poor Jimmy (4:09)

Savaloy Dip - Words & Music by Alan PriceSavaloy Dip – Words & Music By Alan Price (2016)
You Can’t Keep A Good Record Down…

It was only a matter of time before the marketplace found a cranny for Alan Price’s lost follow-up to O Lucky Man! It finally arrived in January 2016, repackaged, resequenced and remastered. Savaloy Dip is gettable at Amazon, HERE. There’s MORE Alan Price in the archives, HERE.

Smells Like Lemon, Tastes Like Wine (4:35)
Willie The Queen (3:13)
You Won’t Get Me (4:03)
Poor Jimmy (4:16)
Savaloy Dip (4:05)
Keep On Doin’ It (2:37)
Country Life (2:33)
Passin’ Us By (2:25)
Over And Over Again (4:22)
And So Goodbye (3:58)
Between Today And Yesterday (3:49)


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