ALAN PRICE Between Today And Yesterday (1974)

Between Today And Yesterday (1974)
Many Have Deemed It Price’s Best

Here’s what many consider to be Alan Price’s best work, 1974’s Between Today And Yesterday. Ironically, it only exists because of record company interference. After Warner Bros. refused to release 1974’s Savaloy Dip (HERE) – Price’s follow up to the highly regarded O Lucky Man! – Alan went back to the drawing board, and the unquestionably superior Between Today And Yesterday was the result. It’s a low-key, lightly autobiographical concept album about UK working class youth, and runs parallel to the similarly nostalgic themes of Ray Davies’ 60s/70s Kinks work. “In Times Like These” is a good example. Each song stands on its own without any necessary storyline (if one actually existed), while the melodies are simple and winning, with elegant touches of horns and orchestration to offset Price’s melancholy pop vocals. Nilsson fans may appreciate the moonbeamy lullaby, “Under The Sun.” Of course, BTAY was no chart-shaker, but nothing Price did (in the States) ever was. The mastering on this 2003 reissue is crisp and rich. At Amazon, HERE.

Left Over People (2:57)
Away, Away (2:54)
Between Today And Yesterday (4:29)
In Times Like These (2:39)
Under The Sun (4:37)
Jarrow Song (5:45)


City Lights
Look At My Face (2:49)
Angel Eyes (3:14)
You’re Telling Me (5:38)
Dream Of Delight (3:34)
Between Today And Yesterday (4:26)


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    Thank you so much for this.

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    This is a terrific album. First heard it in the 70’s and I now have a CD of it that I play … and it still holds up well after all this time. Excellent record.

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    Thanks. I only had an 8-track of this, so this makes a good backup.

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    bought this when it came out – shows how old I am – and it still moves me. Mind you, I am from Newcastle!

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