THE COOLIES dig..? (1986) + Doug (1988)

dig..? (1986)
Simon & Garfunkel: An Alternate View

Anyone remember satirical rockers, The Coolies? They were part of Danny Beard’s Atlanta-based DB Records (Swimming Pool Q’s, Guadalcanal Diary, Python, among others), and while The Coolies were never the highest profile outfit, two of their 80s albums did manage to survive my vinyl purges of the 90s. To give you an idea of their collective WTF career attitude, the band’s debut, dig..?, is a rocking, irreverent Simon & Garfunkel covers LP (with a dollop of Paul Anka anchored by a Lou Reed sample). Comments will reveal The Coolies’ connection to the Oriental laborers on the cover, while these S&G bastardizations exude their own brand of ramshackle charm, via naked, aggressive, head-scratching arrangements – presumably recorded live in the studio. Not necessarily a classic, but a great diversion for those that like their concept albums with tongue in cheek. This is a vinyl rip, but the band re-issued both ..dig? & Doug (below) on Take That You Bastards (HERE), an out-of-print 1995 2CD set that also included their non-LP 45, “The Sounds Of Silence.”

Scarborough Fair (2:33)
Bridge Over Troubled Water (4:22)
The 59th St. Bridge Song (Feelin‘ Groovy) (2:31)
I Am A Rock (4:12)
El Condor Pasa (4:12)
Having My Baby (4:54)
Homeward Bound (3:21)
Mrs. Robinson (1:56)
The Only Living Boy In New York (4:46)

Doug (1988)
A Weird, Indie Rock Opera

Speaking of concepts… here’s The Coolies’ 1987 follow up, Doug – a rock opera about a “skinhead who slays a transvestite short-order cook, makes a fortune by publishing the victim’s cookbook, falls prey to drug abuse and paranoia, and ultimately winds up back on the streets. OK then. As you’ll hear, The Coolies use similar tactics on this album – parody & irreverence – as they did on the last one, sending up these original tunes with familiar stylistic elements pinched from The Who, Beach Boys and others. The overall production is better than their debut, making for a more proper sounding rock album, while the opening title track boasts the kind of Southern rock riffage the Pool Q’s were so good at. The comic book that came with the original is included as a .pdf file.

Talkin‘ ‘Bout Doug (3:04)
Ice Cold Soul (2:57)
Pussy Cook (3:19)
Cook Book (3:22)
Shirts And Skins (2:36)
Coke Light Ice (3:14)
Doug! (1:59)
40 Foot Stretch (4:13)
The Last Supper (2:51)
Ain’t Gonna Eat No More (3:48)
Crack Pipe (Burnin‘ My Hand) (4:27)
Poverty (5:06)
Talkin‘ ‘Bout Doug (reprise) (0:55)



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    Just FYI, I believe I may be the only person who got the band to reveal this information at the time, but the Coolies’ original plan was to complete a trilogy by recording and releasing a third and final album which was going to be called “DUNG”.

    Despite my then-roommate [Cindy Toth of The Reivers] attempting to use her feminine wiles on her labelmates to wring them dry of info, we did not receive any further details in this matter. (Well, I kinda remember something about “melon balls” but I can’t seem to work it into any logical context.)

    — mnw

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    Hi Willard,

    Any chance of dig…? & Doug being reupped. Cheers from downunder & keep up the great site you have.


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      New links up, thanks.

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