TODD RUNDGREN Back To The Bars (1978)

Back To The Bars (1978)
Early “Best Of” Live Album

Though 1978’s Back To The Bars is not universally considered “prime” Todd, this double album has always been a personal favorite of mine. For the music, sure, but more for the experience of seeing Todd & Utopia around the time this came out. In this case, preceded by an elaborately planned concert experience – with some pals, some drugs and a two hour limo ride to and from an intimate venue . According to AMG, this album exists only because the head of Bearsville Records wanted a “greatest hits live” record to sell. These days, it seems to be available only on expensive imports at Amazon, HERE.

Real Man (4:47)
Love Of The Common Man (4:26)
The Verb “To Love” (8:02)
Love In Action (3:45)
A Dream Goes On Forever (2:33)
Sometimes I Don’t Know What To Feel (4:23)
The Range War (2:47)
Black And White (5:35)
The Last Ride (6:04)
Cliche (4:14)
Don’t You Ever Learn (5:58)

Never Never Land
Black Maria (5:42)
Zen Archer (5:44)
Medley: I’m So Proud/Ooh Baby Baby/La La Means I Love You/I Saw The Light (11:00)
It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference (4:29)
Eastern Intrigue (6:00)
Initiation (6:36)
Couldn’t I Just Tell You (4:06)
Hello It’s Me (4:27)



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    In 1978 I was transplanting across the country, and goin thru some chch ch changes….so buying music wasnt something that was happening for me, and all my vinyl didnt follow me for about a year and a half…so it wasnt until about 82 when I finally started going back and picking up music that I should have already owned…this album was one of the first. What a piece of great relief it was for me! Thanx W!

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    Thank you!

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