Back To The Bars (1978)
Early “Best Of” Live Album

Though 1978’s Back To The Bars is not universally considered “prime” Todd, this double album has always been a personal favorite of mine. For the music, sure, but more for the experience of seeing Todd & Utopia around the time this came out. In this case, preceded by an elaborately planned concert experience – with some pals, some drugs and a two hour limo ride to and from an intimate venue . According to AMG, this album exists only because the head of Bearsville Records wanted a “greatest hits live” record to sell. These days, it seems to be available only on expensive imports at Amazon, HERE.

Real Man (4:47)
Love Of The Common Man (4:26)
The Verb “To Love” (8:02)
Love In Action (3:45)
A Dream Goes On Forever (2:33)
Sometimes I Don’t Know What To Feel (4:23)
The Range War (2:47)
Black And White (5:35)
The Last Ride (6:04)
Cliche (4:14)
Don’t You Ever Learn (5:58)

Never Never Land
Black Maria (5:42)
Zen Archer (5:44)
Medley: I’m So Proud/Ooh Baby Baby/La La Means I Love You/I Saw The Light (11:00)
It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference (4:29)
Eastern Intrigue (6:00)
Initiation (6:36)
Couldn’t I Just Tell You (4:06)
Hello It’s Me (4:27)



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    In 1978 I was transplanting across the country, and goin thru some chch ch changes….so buying music wasnt something that was happening for me, and all my vinyl didnt follow me for about a year and a half…so it wasnt until about 82 when I finally started going back and picking up music that I should have already owned…this album was one of the first. What a piece of great relief it was for me! Thanx W!

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    Thank you!

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