McGOUGH & McGEAR McGough & McGear (1968)

McGough & McGear (1968)
Pop Psych With Fripp Appeal From Paul’s Bro

A great, under-appreciated psych album from Roger McGough & Mike McGear (a.k.a. Mike McCartney), members of the 60s British musical comedy troupe, The Scaffold. This album has been long ignored in the States by those who struggle with the complexities of British humor. But, fans of The Cheerful Insanity Of Giles, Giles & Fripp may find a connecting thread in some of the spoken word weirdness and oblique story-telling. That’s not even mentioning the jazzy undercurrents, the pop extremes and at least one dreamy ballad, “Yellow Book,” that could have easily appeared on In The Court Of The Crimson King… a year later. As long as you’re not looking for Beatles magic, which virtually all McGear curiosity seekers are, you’ll find a quirky, skillful, likeably British pop concoction (perhaps with too many poetic interludes). Contributions from the likes of Jimi Hendrix (and the Experience), Graham Nash and brother Paul are noticeable. Dave Mason, Jack Bruce and Jane Asher, not so much. So… who’s responsible for the “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”-styled tune, “Do You Remember?” The guys who wrote it (McGough & McGear) or the guys that got paid for it a year later (Lennon & McCartney)? You can hear the essential opening track, “So Much,” on our previous post, Acid Drops, Spacedust & Flying Saucers. Get McGear’s two viable solo albums in the archives. Listen to the pre-King Crimsony “Yellow Book,” below. Three figures at Amazon.

So Much (3:58)
Little Bit Of Heaven (1:49)
Basement Flat (2:44)
Frink, A Life In The Day Of” and “Summer With Monika” (Prologue) (9:00)
Frink, A Life In The Day Of” and “Summer With Monika” (Epilogue) (1:55)
Come Close And Sleep Now (2:20)
Yellow Book (2:15)
House In My Head (3:35)
Mr. Tickle (3:21)
Living Room (2:45)
Do You Remember (3:19)
Please Don’t Run Too Fast (1:34)
Ex Art Student (6:30)



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