TRAFFIC Heaven Is In Your Mind (1968)

Heaven Is In Your Mind (1968)
The Incredible US Debut.

Hard to believe that Steve Winwood was only 19 years old (and a 4 year veteran frontman) when he formed Traffic. Nineteen! I’d barely learned to drive by that age. What a debut! Heaven Is In Your Mind is the band’s wondrously psychedelic introduction – in the US, that is. And, it was compiled (before being retitled) for very specific reasons. At home, in the UK, this LP was called Dear Mr. Fantasy, but didn’t include the band’s first two hit singles, “Paper Sun” and “Hole In My Shoe.” You know the UK’s early-60s habit of leaving singles off of albums. The Beatles did it all the time, too. In the States, however, it was just the opposite. By 1968, US companies wanted those hits to drive LP sales. Also unknowingly altering the running order was Dave Mason, who was already out of the band when Heaven was being prepared, and the album became a tool (by band & management) to minimize Mason’s presence – explaining why “Utterly Simple” and “Hope I Never Find Me There,” both Mason-penned, were the tunes chosen for removal – along with Dave’s images. Don’t fret, the tunes are restored as bonus tracks, along with additional cover art (HERE). Despite all this acrimony, Mason would again rejoin Traffic… before splitting again to go solo. The great Jimmy Miller is at the helm. His fingerprints are all over the groovinElectric Ladylandesque improv, “Giving To You.” I prefer this Americanized version of Traffic (naturally), but this 2000 reissue covers all the bases. Later CDs of Dear Mr. Fantasy (at Amazon, HERE) are now more complete, too. We’ve got solo Mason (HERE in the archives). Find this one at Amazon, HERE.

Paper Sun (3:27)
Dealer (3:14)
Coloured Rain (2:47)
Hole In My Shoe (3:05)
No Face, No Name, No Number (3:38)
Heaven Is In Your Mind (4:23)
House For Everyone (2:06)
Berkshire Poppies (2:59)
Giving To You (4:19)
Smiling Phases (2:45)
Dear Mr. Fantasy (5:33)
We’re A Fade, You Missed This (0:54)
Utterly Simple (3:17) – Bonus Track
Hope I Never Find Me There (2:10) – Bonus Track
Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush (2:38) – Bonus Track
Am I What I Was Or Am I What I Am (2:34) – Bonus Track



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