KALEIDOSCOPE Kaleidoscope (1969)

Kaleidoscope (1969)
South Of The Border Psych

No… not the famed US outfit with David Lindley, or the UK psych group from the same period. This Kaleidoscope was released in Mexico, in 1969, though, it should be clarified that the members are actually Dominican and Puerto Rican, and the LP was recorded two years earlier in 1967. The vocals are in English, though, so don’t sweat the translations. The Spanish Kaleidoscope sounds more like the lean & mean, organ & fuzz-based, Tex-Mex garage-rock of Sir Douglas, than your typical acid trippers. “Once Upon A Time There Was A World” is a bizarre, self-obsessed sidetrack (and the chorus to “P.S. Come Back” sounds like it was written by Morrissey), but elsewhere you can actually hear how these guys have one foot in the garage and the other inching towards spacial regions unknown. It’s an effective mix that reeks of psychedelia, but still rocks simply – like a gang of delinquents practicing for a local bash. Hard to find, even at AmazonThanks once again to Grateful for the re-up.

Hang Out (2:20)
P.S. Come Back (2:11)
A Hole In My Life (2:34)
Let Me Try (3:28)
I Think It’s All Right (3:00)
Colours (2:37)
Once Upon A Time There Was A World (8:09)
A New Man (2:38)
I’m Crazy (3:34)
I’m Here, He’s Gone, She’s Crying (2:28)



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