SWEET SMOKE Just A Poke (1970)

Just A Poke (1970)
Hippie Prog

A working definition of a cult band, Sweet Smoke are Brooklyn-ites that gravitated to Germany, establishing a small but loyal following – with three releases (that I know of) filled with laid back, lightly progressive jazz/rock serenity. Just A Poke, their 1970 debut, features only two tracks, but both are filled with plenty of songs & directional twists, not just extended soloing. For instance, about nine minutes into “Baby Night,” the band eases into a vocal version of The Doors’ “The Soft Parade.” Later, in “Silly Sally,” you’re treated to a snazzy, phase-heavy drum solo (set the Wayback Machine for the heart of the sun). Like a hippie jazz/rock LP with no silent spaces to separate the tracks. This 2000 CD is at Amazon, HERE.

Baby Night (16:36)
Silly Sally (16:31)


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