PROCOL HARUM The 40th Anniversary Bonus Track Series 1968-1977 (2009)

Procol Harum is an interesting case study about what it takes to make it in the record business, or any business for that matter… perseverance. Some variation of these guys had been banging it out since 1964 – issuing various singles under various band names – until “A Whiter Shade Of Pale” stormed the UK charts in 1967, hitting number one. But the band, who had just opened for Hendrix at The Saville, had no album to follow-up the incredible 45 lighting up radio phone lines a month before it was even released. This is the 2009, 40th Anniversary bonus track series from the import label, Salvo, covering the band’s releases from the 60s and 70s (before reuniting again in the 90s). Great sound, great additions and great liner note booklets for each release. Note that the first album, Procol Harum, is in mono (except for noted bonus tracks). The rest are stereo. Thanks once again to Harumhead V3122 for most of these. Click the covers for Amazon links.

Procol Harum (1968)
Conquistador (2:35
She Wandered Through The Garden Fence (3:26)
Something Following Me (3:38)
Mabel (1:55)
Cerdes (Outside The Gates Of) (5:05)
A Christmas Camel (4:52)
Kaleidoscope (2:54)
Salad Days (Are Here Again) (3:38)
Good Captain Clack (1:31)
Repent Walpurgis (5:00)
A Whiter Shade Of Pale (4:16)Bonus Track
Lime Street Blues (2:53)Bonus Track
Homburg (Single Version) (3:56)Bonus Track
Good Captain Clack (Single Version) (1:33)Bonus Track
Il Tuo Diamante (Italian Single: Promo Version) (3:31)Bonus Track
Understandably Blue (Stereo) (3:39)Bonus Track
Pandora’s Box (Version 1: Backing Track) (Stereo) (3:46)Bonus Track
Alpha (Stereo) (3:52)Bonus Track
Conquistador (Stereo) (2:41)Bonus Track
She Wandered Through The Garden Fence (Stereo) (3:28)Bonus Track
Homburg (Album Version) (Stereo) (3:57) – Bonus Track

Shine On Brightly (1969)
Quite Rightly So (3:33)
Shine On Brightly (3:29)
Skip Softly (My Moonbeams) (3:43)
Wish Me Well (3:18)
Rambling On (4:29)
Magdalene (Regal Zonophone) (2:49)
In Held Twas In I (A) (4:24)
In Held Twas In I (B) (1:16)
In Held Twas In I (C) (3:02)
In Held Twas In I (D) (4:49)
In Held Twas In I (E) (3:30)
Quite Rightly So (Single) (Mono) (3:50)Bonus Track
In The Wee Small Hours Of Sixpence (Single) (Mono) (3:01)Bonus Track
Monsieur Armand (Mono) (2:38)Bonus Track
Seem To Have The Blues (Most All The Time) (Mono) (2:48)Bonus Track
McGreggor (2:47)Bonus Track
The Gospel According To … (3:29)Bonus Track
Shine On Brightly (Early Version) (Mono) (3:23)Bonus Track
Magdalene (My Regal Zonophone) (Early Version) (Mono) (2:25)Bonus Track
A Robe Of Silk (Backing Track) (1:59)Bonus Track
Monsieur Armand (Backing Track) (2:42)Bonus Track
In The Wee Small Hours Of Sixpence (Backing Track) (3:03)Bonus Track

A Salty Dog (1969)
A Salty Dog (4:35)
The Milk Of Human Kindness (3:44)
Too Much Between Us (3:43)
The Devil Came From Kansas (4:32)
Boredom (4:31)
Juicy John Pink (2:10)
Wreck Of The Hesperus (3:44)
All This And More (3:48)
Crucifiction Lane (4:55)
Pilgrim’s Progress (4:27)
Long Gone Geek (3:26)Bonus Track
Goin‘ Down Slow (Live in the USA, April 1969) (7:50)Bonus Track
Juicy John Pink (Live in the USA, April 1969) (2:39)Bonus Track
Crucifiction Lane (Live in the USA, April 1969) (4:35)Bonus Track
Skip Softly (My Moonbeams)/Also Sprach Zarathustra (Live in the USA, April 1969) (5:26)Bonus Track
The Milk Of Human Kindness (Take 1: Raw Track) (3:49)Bonus Track

Home (1970)
Whisky Train (4:27)
The Dead Man’s Dream (4:40)
Still There’ll Be More (4:54)
Nothing That I Didn’t Know (3:35)
About To Die (3:35)
Barnyard Story (2:51)
Piggy Pig Pig (4:43)
Whaling Stories (7:01)
Your Own Choice (3:08)
Still There’ll Be More (5:07)Bonus
Whaling Stories (7:08)Bonus Track

Broken Barricades (1971)
Simple Sister (5:48)
Broken Barricades (3:13)
Memorial Drive (3:46)
Luskus Delph (3:49)
Power Failure (4:38)
Song For A Dreamer (5:40)
Playmate Of The Mouth (5:08)
Poor Mohammed (3:09)
Broken Barricades (4:06)Bonus Track
Simple Sister (5:51)Bonus Track
Poor Mohammed (2:45)Bonus Track
Song For A Dreamer (King Jimi) (Backing Track) (4:57)Bonus Track

Live In Concert With The
Edmonton Symphony Orchestra
Conquistador (5:01)
Whaling Stories (7:42)
A Salty Dog (5:34)
All This And More (4:22)
In Held Twas In I (19:06)
Luskus Delph (3:46)Bonus Track
Simple Sister (3:22)Bonus Track
Shine On Brightly (4:05)Bonus Track

Grand Hotel (1973)
Grand Hotel (6:06)
Toujours L’Amour (3:32)
A Rum Tale (3:21)
T.V. Ceasar (5:51)
A Souvenir Of London (3:26)
Bringing Home The Bacon (4:17)
For Liquorice John (4:25)
Fires (Which Burn Brightly) (5:12)
Robert’s Box (4:44)
Grand Hotel (Raw Track Without Orchestra) (6:16)Bonus Track
Bringing Home The Bacon (Raw Track Featuring Dave Ball) (6:08)Bonus Track

Exotic Birds And Fruit (1974)
Nothing But The Truth (3:11)
Beyond The Pale (3:05)
As Strong As Samson (5:09)
The Idol (6:42)
The Thin End Of The Wedge (3:46)
Monsieur R. Monde (3:40)
Fresh Fruit (3:06)
Butterfly Boys (4:25)
New Lamps For Old (4:09)
Drunk Again (4:38)Bonus Track
As Strong As Samson (Alt. Mix In D Flat) (5:22)Bonus Track

Procol’s Ninth (1975)
Pandora’s Box (3:34)
Fool’s Gold (4:02)
Taking The Time (3:38)
The Unquiet Zone (3:40)
The Final Thrust (4:37)
I Keep Forgetting (3:32)
Without A Doubt (4:31)
The Piper’s Tune (4:28)
Typewriter Torment (4:28)
Eight Days A Week (2:58)
The Unquiet Zone (4:33)Bonus Track
Taking The Time (Raw Track) (4:37)Bonus Track
Fool’s Gold (Raw Track With Guide Vocal) (3:55)Bonus Track

Something Magic (1977)
Something Magic (3:37)
Skating On Thin Ice (4:50)
Wizard Man (2:42)
The Mark Of The Claw (4:40)
Strangers In Space (6:08)
The Worm & The Tree – Part 1 (6:06)
The Worm & The Tree – Part 2 (5:29)
The Worm & The Tree – Part 3 (5:28)
Backgammon (3:25)Bonus Track
You’d Better Wait (Live) (4:47)Bonus
This Old Dog (Live) (3:42)Bonus Track



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    Find it all HERE

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    Why this ‘grand’ Procol Harum post didn’t get the same attention as (Willard’s) Mott The Hoople, ELO, etc., bonus tracks postings is simply remarkable. Maybe timing is, indeed, everything…

    I split the selections into two playlists – studio albums and rarities. Both make for a compelling listen on their own. The booklets and scans are very informative as well.

    Thanks very much, Willard.

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      You bet. Thanks.

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    Thank you Willard! Always been a admirer of Procol Harum, especially the earlier recordings with Robin Trower. Some of their music may sound very dated and a bit boring today but still has that very special, very british eccentric and old fashioned quality.
    Cheers Tony

    • Willard
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      That’s what was cool about them.

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    Thanks again Willard

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    Tanx a lot! I have the 30th anniversary set and I may have downloaded this bfeore, but I’m not sure, During the period from March 2010 to March 2012, I had 4 surgeries and so lots of things done during that time are a mess. I am really glad to get this. Bought Shine On Brightly when it came out and still think Side 1 is one of the musical masterpieces of all time. And for a group that had split up, the 2 albums done in 1991 (The Prodigal Strange) and 2002 (The Well’s On Fire) are amazing return efforts that rank with their best (no rehash of their old material). My best friend just saw them open for Yes and he loved their set much more than Yes’s. I didn’t know about the show, but I probably couldn’t afford to go anyway. Ticket prices are out the roof. The Zombies played at the Cat’s Cradle, but I couldn’t afford $35 at the time. I’m sorry I missed them – not all the original members, only Blumstone and Argent, with Jim Rodman on bass from Argent. They’re 67 to 71 years old fer christsakes! Well, cest la vie.

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    Hey man, must have posted several times before I realized that I was showing up as Anonymous.
    Cest la vie.

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    Thanx for these Willard!
    I have a certain affectation for PH, especially Home, which I already own complete with bonus material. I saw them in Toronto on the tour when they recorded Live w Edmonton Symphony. We actually went to see the opener – King Crimson phase 2. As blown away as I was by KC, Procol were excellent as well.
    I kicked myself several times in the past year for NOT going to see the re-union with the Edmonton Symphony! But had killed the concert budget with some other great shows already!


  • Willard
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    Sorry I missed that show.

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    Despite having glasses (and hence, four eyes) I somehow missed these.

    Thanks so much for sharing brilliant reissues.

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    Thanks Willard for this and the many excellent sharing posts. It feels like re-living many happy hours in record shops and lazy nights.

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    Hi – Bad links for Home – Please fix?
    Thanks for all!

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      New link up, thanks.

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