MOJO Presents: 1-2-3-4!

1-2-3-4! (2011)
MOJO‘s Roots Of The Ramones

Here’s the latest from MOJO‘s May, 2011 issue. The Ramones themselves set the tone (with Walter Lure of Johnny Thunder’s Heartbreakers) on a fun version of “Street Fighting Man,” but Marc Bolan moves the proceedings into a New York salute to 50s girl group sass and downtown punk, with some friends, influences and a few curios. The non-LP Ronnie Spector cover of the Joey-produced, “She Talks To Rainbows,” is outstanding, while the Dolls’ “Personality Crisis” comes from the pre-LP, Mercer Street demos (Lipstick Killers), thankfully. Lord knows how many “Personalities” I’ve gotten from MOJO over the years (not to mention Love’s “7 And 7 Is”). The Trashmen offer a virtual rewrite of their hit, “Surfin‘ Bird,” called “Bird Dance Beat.” One of the series’ best covers, too. Artwork included.

WALTER LURE & THE RAMONES – Street Fighting Man (2:53)
T. REX – Ballrooms Of Mars (4:06)
RONNIE SPECTOR – She Talks To Rainbows (3:44)
THE TRASHMEN – Bird Dance Beat (2:02)
THE DICTATORS – Baby Let’s Twist (3:31)
NEW YORK DOLLS – Personality Crisis (4:09)
BOBBY FREEMAN – Do You Want To Dance (2:31)
THE SHANGRILAS – Give Him A Great Big Kiss (2:06)
THE SEEDS – Can’t Seem To Make You Mine (2:56)
THE VAGRANTS – Oh Those Eyes (2:30)
LOVE – 7 And 7 Is (2:13)
SUICIDE – Rocket USA (4:11)
WAYNE COUNTY – Max’s Kansas City (Jayne County Meets She Wolves) (8:28)
TELEVISION – Venus De Milo (3:32)


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