STEWART COPELAND The Rhythmatist (1985)

The Rhythmatist (1985)
Arty African/American Fusion

Police drummer Stewart Copeland’s first solo album (not counting his early new wave work as Klark Kent) is a joyous fusion of African melodics and pop, rock & world rhythms. After The Police stopped touring, Copeland launched a low-key career as a film composer with Francis Ford Coppola’s Rumblefish, then – a year before Paul Simon’s Graceland made news with African/American fusion – Copeland released The Rhythmatist, highlighting his intoxicating, hyperactive multi-rhythms and previously hidden melodic sensibilities. Yeah, it’s a little dated these days (production-wise, too) as the West’s fascination with African inspiration seems to have begun and ended in the 80s with acts like Ladysmith Black Mambazo and King Sunny Ade, but The Rhythmatist is still a fun (and original) ride. Amazon.

Koteja (Oh Bolilla) (3:29)
Brazzaville (4:12)
Liberté (4:05)
Coco (3:56)
Kemba (5:53)
Samburu Sunset (6:17)
Gong Rock (3:37)
Franco (2:11)
Serengeti Long Walk (4:28)
African Dream (3:26)



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    Wow this awesome, I can't believe I didn't know about this album, thanks a lot

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    Thanks for this.
    I bought the album when it came out and have been a fan of Stewarts for years. He also did a nunbver of TV themes too. Thanks for great upload.

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    thank you …

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    Capt. Willard
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    Search HERE

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    March 4, 2010 - 19:34 | Permalink

    There is also a really great very odd Movie that sorta goes along with this CD (or visa versa).

    It's a cosmic, pseudo-science excursion into the idea that these Rhythms are the basic soul of the Universe.

    It's a little Carl Sagan, a little more Joe Campbell and a lot Peter Weir's "The Last Wave."

    Very cool and very hard to find.

    I have a long out of print VHS version… If I can get a friend to digitize it, I'll get it to you guys to post.


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    Rumblefish soundtrack music always a fave..looking forward to this!

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    Este trabajo de Copeland es increíble. Quería comentarles que el blog… esta caído.
    Por favor si lo pueden subir nuevamente.
    Gracias y saludos.

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      Just checked and both the blog and the link are working OK.

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        Link Ok. Thank you.

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