JIMMY CARL BLACK Is Singin’ The Blues (2002)

Is Singin‘ The Blues (2002)
Black and Blues

A 2002 CD-R/Digital-only release from ex-Mothers vocalist & drummer, Jimmy Carl Black. This material is culled from previous independent releases, including many under-the-radar CDs that many weren’t even aware existed. Don’t freak out about the quality of the masters on a few of these recordings. “Big Leg Emma” unintentionally phases and “44 Blues” hasss sssome seriousss high-end/hi-hat issuesss, to name a few. I checked Amazon‘s download version and they are identical, so it’s not the files. Black isn’t the most gifted vocalist, in fact, he often just sounds bored, but his gruff, weathered snarl fits snugly into some of these blues grooves and arrangements (…as long as JB keeps it simple). Two Zappa tunes (“Road Ladies” and “Big Leg Emma”) make their way in, not as many as you’d expect given Black’s long umbilical to Frank.

Big Leg Emma (3:31)
Low Ridin‘ Man (4:47)
Sick ‘N’ Tired (3:47)
44 Blues (How Many More Years) (5:54)
Evil (3:27)
Hoochie Coochie Man (3:46)
I’m Willin (5:27)
On The Road Again (4:19)
I’m A King Bee (3:52)
Hamburger Midnight (4:41)
Mercedes Benz (4:43)
Lonely, Lonely Nights (2:34)
Look At Me, I’m In Love Again (3:05)
My Blonde Haired Woman (4:02)
Road Ladies (4:56)
Lady Queen Bee (4:23)
Who Did You Love (2:59)
Teenage Credit (2:33)
The Enron Blues (3:38)


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    Noticed he does Hamburger Midnight and figured I needed to check it out..Some of the live CD’s I’ve heard of his are actually pretty good.

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