P & KIM BASINGER Hollywood Affair + The Scandalous Sex Suite (1989)

Hollywood Affair (1989)
For Once, A Justifiably Unreleased Album

In the 80s, 90s and 00s, Prince made concerted attempts to build stables of recording artists around himself, all bound by his aesthetics, production and compositional styles. That Prince has always wanted to be more than just a singer (producer, film star, fashion icon, music mogul, etc.) is no secret. That he kept coming back to the idea – via The Time & Jill Jones in the 80s, Tevin Campbell & Mayte in the 90s, and as recently as Bria Valente in the 00s (and dozens of others over the decades) – displayed a stubborn belief in his own abilities to be a viable star maker. That’s not even mentioning the career resuscitation he attempted on already established artists like Chaka Khan, Larry Graham & Mavis Staples, among others. Why virtually all of these attempts failed to breach the public’s consciousness is one of the more puzzling aspects of Prince’s career. Surely, no more so than to Prince himself.

There’s no mystery, however, as to why this collaboration with actress Kim Basinger never made it out the recording studio. Ms. Basinger, for all her attributes, just can’t sing. As simple as that. And, you have to believe that Prince eventually found that out, as most of the tracks from Hollywood Affair seem unfocused and unfinished, by The Purple One’s standards anyway. Hell, there are those in related forums that have suggested Prince wasn’t even involved in these sessions (though, he clearly is to some degree), while others have detailed the pair’s dating habits to establish probability. Basinger did work with Prince during the making of the film, Batman (she starred, he soundtracked). She even contributed spoken word vocals to Prince’s post-Batman Maxi-Single, The Scandalous Sex Suite (below). But Hollywood Affair is so obscure that tracks have even failed to show up on those magnum, multi-disc collections of unreleased Prince material… and the best quality we’ve ever been able to find so far is @128. So, I’m not going to bother critiquing this non-release, mainly since I’ve rarely listened to it in-depth myself. But, you’re invited to satisfy your own curiosity. We’re previewing the song “Love At First Sight” because the multi-layered harmonies best disguise Ms. Basinger’s limitations. It should be noted… she also sang for her supper on a 1992 Was (Not Was) tune, “Shake Your Head.” At the very least, you can use this opportunity to check out our other Prince posts, HERE.

Come On (4:40
My Love Will Find U (4:44)
I Wanna (4:33)
2 Naughty (4:52)
Love At First Sight (5:24)
Show Me (4:41)
Action, Action (4:36)
Color Of Sex (4:06)
Will U Stay With Me (4:14)


The Scandalous Sex Suite (1989)

Fortunately, Kim Basinger’s contributions to The Scandalous Sex Suite are either spoken word or orgasmic. I included this for all those wanting the complete Prince/Kim oeuvre, but this Maxi-Single probably isn’t every last-minute of their collaboration, as Prince has released some of this stuff on a variety of 12″ singles, so there may be differing versions floating around. The Suite is a 20 minute expansion of the tune “Scandalous” (from the Batman film soundtrack), which flows like a long, continuous piece. According to legend, that’s Basinger and Prince actually getting it on in the studio, though, I wouldn’t put any money on it. They were enough of a couple in the late 80s, however, for Prince to once quip he’d never date a blonde again. Nice guitar work during “The Rapture” (hear it below). “When 2 Are In Love” is from the Lovesexy album. Amazon.

The Crime (6:28
The Passion (6:20)
The Rapture (6:32)
Sex “the 80’s are over and the time has come 4 monogamy and trust” (7:01)
When 2 R In Love (4:01)


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    I once met Kim while she was overlord of a small town in GA. She was very nice to my group of investors and seemed genuinely interested in getting us to do business in her town. As a result, I will not sully my memories by listening to these tracks. BTW, just before the meeting, my wife’s chamber group played at a Baldwin brother wedding in the Hamptons. When I brought it up, she stopped me cold and said “We don’t talk about them here”. Thanks for digitizing “Scandalous Suite” so I don’t have to do it myself.

  • Willard
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    Cool. You sure you’re not re-hashing a Simpson’s plot…

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      Yeah, that story sounds awfully familiar….

      Welcome back, Willard.

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    Should’ve done my research before I posted, d’oh!!

    That episode was hilarious, read about it here:

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    Thanks, Willard. I’ve always really liked “Scandalous” the song and the Batman Soundtrack overall. You don’t happen to have the One Nite Alone Live box, do you?

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    Love the wormholes…and esp. the Prince! Goldnigga, esp. is awesome. Have any more of those Non-Prince/Prince NPG releases?

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