BEN SIDRAN Feel Your Groove (1971) & Don’t Let Go (1974)

Feel Your Groove (1971)
Don’t Let Go (1974)
Professor Ben’s At The Blackboard.

For the record… I’d gotten into Ben Sidran early on when a late nite FM DJ had played “That Fine Day,” waxing poetic about it in the middle of the night – like late nite FM DJs were sometimes prone to do. So, the next fine day I went down to Woolco, changed price tags and picked up Feel Your Groove. This was long before I’d even heard Mose Allison, where Ben lifts some of his more conversational vocal nuance, so this was all new to me. 1974’s Don’t Let Go, which I first discovered in cut-out bins, opens with the steamrolling “Fat Jam,” followed by a swingin’, obscenity-laced version of “House Of Blue Lights.” A great, jazzy, swinging, thinking man’s party album… despite Sidran’s limited vocal range, which, along with his elaborately colorful arrangements has at times reminded me of a jazzed version of Al Kooper (another can-do guy with imagination). Give a listen below, then stop by and grab that great Sidran compilation at Birds With Broken Wings, where you can read up on what makes Sidran so appealing to guys like Miles and I. Amazon’s got one & the other.

Leo’s My Name (2:22)
Poor Girl (3:19)
Racine Bovine (3:09)
About Love (3:02)
Feel Your Groove (7:04)
That Fine Day (3:58)
Alexander’s Ragtime Band (3:41)
Try (3:29)
My Wife (2:40)
The Blues In England (3:55)
Spread Your Wings (2:19)

Fat Jam (3:26)
House Of Blue Lites (3:13)
Ben Sidran’s Midnite Tango (2:41)
The Chicken Glide (3:46)
She’s Funny (That Way) (3:37)
Monopoly (1:31)
Don’t Let Go (3:19)
Hey Hey Baby (3:31)
The Foolkiller (3:45)
The Funky Elephant (3:30)
Snatch (3:51)
Down To The Bone (1:16)


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    Search HERE

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    Thanks for the Miles tip — I’m halfway through that compilation, and thinking Mose with Money (which is a mixed review). But I’m intrigued enough to give these a shot …

    • Willard
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      Cool, glad you checked it out. Miles puts a lot of thought into his comps and they’re keepers. We did an Al Kooper collection a few years back (HERE) and Miles took it and doctored it up and it was so good we just dumped ours and replaced it with his.

  • Leon
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    I too picked up the comp at Birds With Broken Wings and really enjoyed his writing about it. Thanks for posting these full LPs too, Willard. And when thinking about who Ben Sidran sounds like, the Mose Allison comparison is true but don’t forget Bob Dorough (the jazz singer who also did the “Elementary Rock” songs) — is it just me or doesn’t Sidran sound like a dead ringer for Dorough?

    • Willard
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      Personally, I’m not familiar with the guy’s music (only by name). My jazz vocalist section is anemic. Many thanks.

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      New links up. Thanks.

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