THE SPENCER DAVIS GROUP The Second Album (1966)

The Second Album (1966)
Hey, These Guys Were Good!

The Spencer Davis Group, responsible for spawning the great Stevie Winwood, is one of those bands we’ve known all our musical lives. But, until the digital age, I had never heard any of their proper, original albums start to finish. Blame my meager teenage allowance, which could only afford me a greatest hits collection back in the day, or American radio for not properly educating me with deeper album cuts. Actually, it was my own fault for paying more attention to The Monkees at the time. For The Second Album, SDG sounds like more than just a bash ’em out, rock ‘n’ soul band reproducing their live show in the studio. The performances are intimate creations, with even the simplest arrangements sounding purposeful and thought out. Winwood’s impossibly advanced vocal and keyboard work (for a teenager) is most responsible. Check out his amazingly ageless take on Ray Charles’ “Georgia On My Mind.” He wasn’t legally allowed to drive the band van to gigs (like Ray before him), but Stevie could steer the good ship SDG like nobody else ever would. Hear the early UK hit, “Keep On Running,” below. Oodles of bonus tracks, too. This one’s expensive at Amazon, HERE.

Look Away (2:45)
Keep On Running (2:51)
This Hammer (2:19)
Georgia On My Mind (4:44)
Please Do Something (2:28)
Let Me Down Easy (3:06)
Strong Love (2:18)
I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water (2:39)
Since I Met You Baby (3:30)
You Must Believe Me (2:48)
Hey Darling (4:50)
Watch Your Step (2:57)
Stevie’s Blues (3:49) – Bonus Track
Trampoline (2:28)Bonus Track
Back Into My Life Again (2:26) – Bonus Track
Kansas City (3:52) – Bonus Track
Oh! Pretty Woman (3:22) – Bonus Track
Det War In Schoneberg (2:42) – Bonus Track
Stevie’s Groove (2:46) – Bonus Track
Stevie’s Blues (US Version) (3:49) – Bonus Track



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    No love? I’ve been on a Winwood kick recently…good one Willard, thanks.

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    Thanks. Actually, this is one of the posts where we unfortunately lost our comments.

  • twofthrs
    January 8, 2014 - 12:43 | Permalink

    I’ve had this one for awhile now and it is a great album. The first Spencer Davis is awfully good too.

  • aking
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    Thanks for this. My introduction to the Spencer Davis Group was on a 1971 double LP compilation called “Winwood” that featured 8 songs by SDG, 12 songs by Traffic, and 1 song from the Blind Faith album. I, too, always wanted to hear an original Spencer Davis Group album. Some time in the 1980s, Spencer Davis put a band together and played some club dates. I saw them twice and got to meet him once. Nice guy.

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