THE BEARS Car Caught Fire (2001)

Car Caught Fire (2001)
Adrian Belew’s Magnificent Obsession

After going their separate ways at the end of the 80s, The Bears (guitar king Adrian Belew and the band formerly known as The Raisins) reunited in 2001 for their third album of 60s nostalgia, updated for the 21st century. It’s easy to accuse Car Caught Fire of not being as good as their brilliant 1987 debut, The Bears, but then… how many pop albums in 2001 could even pretend to make that claim? All of the band’s familiar characteristics, however, are securely in place; sharp vocal harmonies, slick pop melodies and utterly engaging performances buoyed by sheer enthusiasm and the ghosts of Liverpool past. The Bears aren’t quite as retro on Car Caught Fire, even though their sound hasn’t really changed that much in 13 years. And, while I’ve owned it since it was released, as a go-to Bears disc it always ranked #3 for me, never getting the attention it deserved (your mileage may vary). Blame their first two releases for being so damned good. Still… it’s smart, catchy and fun, which is what The Bears were always all about, from day one. Thanks to the Infinite Fool for the re-up.

Life In A Nutshell
Under The Volcano
When She Moves
Mr. Bonaparte
What’s The Good Of Knowing
Waiting Room
117 Valley Drive
Safe in Hell
Sooner or Later
As You Are



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    Willard…. you are of maximum awesomeness.

    "… dreams can come true
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    Thanks for specifically requesting it and all the kind words. (… if you're Nagootub at heart? It doesn't quite flow.)

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    No, I'll leave the songcraft to The Raisins! :)

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    Thanks to you, and I mean it. You widened my musical panorama so much… I sit here, curious to know what else I’m going to discover thanks to you in the future

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