GOLDEN PALOMINOS w/ LORI CARSON This Is How It Feels + Prison Of The Rhythm – The Remixes (1993)

This Is How It Feels (1993)
Beauty And The Beat

The Golden Palominos are a long-standing avant-collective that, over the years, has hosted the likes of John Zorn, Fred Frith, Syd Straw, Arto Lindsay, Richard Thompson and dozens of others. The two mainstays have been de facto group leader Anton Fier (drummer, Lounge Lizards, Pere Ubu) and bassist/producer extraordinaire Bill Laswell. Here they’re joined by vocalist Lori Carson (the three co-wrote most of the material) and some of Laswell’s go-to talent pool; Bootsy Collins, Nicky Skopelitis and Bernie Worrell, among others. As one might guess, this stuff is far different from the quiet, introversion found on Carson’s solo work. Instead, you get Fier & Laswell’s full court press, characterized by heavy, throbbing bass lines, big trippy beats, cut up loops and all manner of slightly psych window dressing – with Carson’s feather-light soul-searching vocals floating above the fray. The Palominos have never made the same album twice and This Is How It Feels is yet another example of that. Their follow-up, 1994’s Pure, features most of the same players, but going back to the mid-80s the band has dabbled in everything from avant-funk to country folk to electronic ambiance. They’re a personal favorite, simply because you just never know what you’ll hear next. It’s at Amazon, HERE. A must for Lori Carson fans (find more Carson HERE in the archives).

Sleepwalk (5:13)
Prison Of The Rhythm (4:54)
I’m Not Sorry (5:07)
This Is How It Feels (4:45)
To A Stranger (5:41)
The Wonder (4:56)
Breakdown (4:59)
These Days (4:10)
Rain Holds (5:52)
Twist The Knife (5:22)
Bird Flying (5:54)
A Divine Kiss (3:16)

Prison Of The Rhythm – The Remixes (1993)
Forgot I had this one. Thanks to drfeelgoed for the reminder. Includes some excellent reworkings and a megamix from Laswell. Gettable at Amazon (HERE).

Original Version (4:55)
Exuberance Is Beauty Mix (16:07)
P.W.O.G.’s Dizzy Drift Mix (8:24)
Adam Peters Mix (5:42)
Purified Radio Edit/Original Version (4:54)


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