P Come (1994), Letitgo Maxi Single (1994) & Space Maxi Single (1994)

Come (1994)
It’s OK To Admit To Liking Come

For reasons I’ve never understood, Come seems to get the short shrift when picking Prince’s more consistently groovy albums. True, it lacks the hard funk punch of most of his best work, but then, some of Prince’s more uniquely original albums (The Rainbow Children, for example) are also among his best. Come is largely a slow, sexy, beats album, a style Prince has mastered as well as anybody. It’s relaxed and comfortable, dominated by Prince’s pop and R&B expertise (yet oozing elements of his oft-ignored jazz side), with groove-enhancing horn charts that are less showy and better integrated than usual. The album’s chilled production even seems to temper the hard-driving 80s funk throwback, “Pheromone,” and the techno-driven “Loose,” as rolling waves and breathy segues link it all together. Those put off by Prince’s orgasmic chatter will have plenty of reason to repeatedly wince. I just like the atmosphere… and how the naked grooves sound like Prince’s many remix maxi-singles. Of which there are two below – 25 minutes of “Space” mixes and a 40 minute + set of “Letitgo” variations, easily one of Prince’s most convincing post-rap R&B creations. Forget all that 1958-1993 death of “Prince” hooey on the cover. Prince’s brilliance is most blinding when ignoring his non-musical shenanigans.

Come (11:13)
Space (4:28)
Pheromone (5:08)
Loose! (3:27)
Papa (2:49)
Race (4:28)
Dark (6:10)
Solo (3:49)
Letitgo (5:33)
Orgasm (1:39)

Letitgo (Cavi‘ Street Edit)” boasts a string orchestration and funk-simple bass line that honors classic 70s movie soundtracks. While it’s not always the case with Prince records, the smooth rap bridge is a naturally groovin‘ fit here. Throw in some wahwah and it all makes sense.

Letitgo Maxi Single
Letitgo (Caviar Radio Edit) (5:02
Letitgo (Cavi‘ Street Edit) (5:04)
Letitgo (Instrumental) (5:04)
Letitgo (On The Cool-Out Tip Radio Edit) (4:36)
Letitgo (Sherm Stick Edit) (5:45)
Letitgo (Sherm Stick Edit Instrumental) (5:44)
Letitgo (Original Radio Edit) (4:16)
Letitgo (Original Album Version) (5:35)

Space Maxi Single
Space (Universal Love Remix) (6:10)
Space (Funky Stuff Remix) (5:42)
Space (Funky Stuff Dub) (4:47)
Space (Acoustic Remix) (4:41)
Space (4:31)


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    Thanks, that street mix is smooth

  • Anonymous
    October 3, 2009 - 21:01 | Permalink

    I never understood why people picked on this record so much. Perhaps they had been spoiled by too much near-perfection from this heavyweight talent. Also, if I recall correctly, he was putting out 3 or 4 records a year at this point, so maybe it was an embarassment of riches. This, and the Black Album, are solid, easily ranking with Sign O' The Times. Excellent post!

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    I Always thought the space ep was brilliant stuff

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    Hi gang. can anyone post the One Night Alone album (not the live box set I have that) as it is all that is missing from my collection. Love your blog by the way. Thanks. I can't find it anywhere

  • Capt. Willard
    October 16, 2009 - 22:43 | Permalink

    I'll post it next week.

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    I could kiss you…digitally of course. Thanks

  • Willard
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    Find all three HERE

  • larry
    April 25, 2015 - 00:11 | Permalink

    Come is one of my favorite albums! I remember running around with this cd blaring in my car. Loved the looks i would get When people actually had time to realize what was going on.

  • April 25, 2015 - 17:55 | Permalink

    Definitely a top 5 Prince album 4 me.

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