CAITLIN CARY Waltzie EP (2000)

Waltzie (2000)
The Other Half Of Whiskeytown

The solo debut from Whiskeytown vocalist/violinist Caitlin Cary includes a cover of Richard Thompson’s “Withered And Died.” Chris Stamey produces and Ryan Adams drops by for a cameo. Here’s what the All Music Guide had to say: “Featuring four originals, some more completed than others, all are convincing in their delivery and testaments to Cary’s abilities as a lyricist and songwriter, not merely a violin player and harmony vocalist. Highlights are the melancholy, yet moving waltz opener, “Sorry,” penned with the help of multi-instrumentalist Mike Daly, who also flavors the affair with pedal steel, dulcimer, and 12-string, and Cary’s more upbeat, feminist-tinged plea “Rosemary Moore,” encouraging an aging widow to stop grieving and start living. Featuring the dark, humorous lines “take out your hearing aid and go have a drink” and “if he didn’t die happy at least he didn’t die poor,” it’s hard not to hear the influence of ex-bandmate Ryan Adams, who lends harmonies and harmonica. Produced by Chris Stamey (Sneakers and The dB’s), this is serious work with a warm, living room vibe.” Amazon.

Sorry (4:28)
Rosemary Moore (3:38)
Nursery Lie (4:06)
Big Town (3:46)
Withered & Died (4:30)


  • Tom Drew
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    I'm definitely interested in hearing this one. She has a wonderful voice, and I'm automatically attracted to anything that includes a cover of "Withered and Died." Thanks!

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    I’ve never seen this before – looks very, very cool. Thanks!

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    Any chance of seeing this again? Here “While You Weren’t Looking” album is lovely.

    In any event, love the site. All the best…

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      New link up, thanks.

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    You’re the best, Willard, thanks…

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