Los Lobos Side Projects: CESAR ROSAS Soul Disguise (1999), HOUNDOG Houndog (1999), LATIN PLAYBOYS Dose (1999) & LOS SUPER SEVEN Los Super Seven (1998)

The mid-to-late 90s found Los Lobos’ creativity spilling over into a series of side projects, off shoots and alternate bands. Here are 4 releases from ’98-’99 to give you an idea of what Los Lobos were up to when they weren’t being Los Lobos.

Cesar Rosas
Soul Disguise

The only solo release from Los Lobos guitarist/vocalist Cesar Rosas is a roots rock throwback boasting a cleaner, more traditionally produced sound than much of Lobos’ late 90s work since Colossal Head. LL fans will hear plenty of familiar elements, from dirty blues riffs (“Tough To Handle”) to accordion-fueled Tex-Mex (“Angelino”) to retro soul/R&B (“E. Los Ballad #13″). Listen to “Tough To Handle.”

Houndog (1999)

Strange, slow lo-fi blues album from Los Lobos guitarist/vocalist David Hidalgo and Mike Halby (ex-Canned Heat & John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers). Halby handles the vocals here, with an odd, muddy style that often sounds like someone’s thumb is dragging the turntable. Mark II Lobos fans will no doubt dig the on-the-fly atmospherics and no-fuss anti-blues feel. Produced by Hidalgo. Listen to “No Chance.”

Latin Playboys
Dose (1999)

A cool Bizarro world supergroup, featuring David Hidalgo & Louie Perez, along with producers/musicians Tchad Blake and Mitchell Froom. Their second release, Dose, picks up where Los Lobos’ restless late 90s experiments left off, with clanging, trash can percussion, barbed-wire riffs and a pleasing array of slightly
psychedelic found sounds, percolating rhythms and raw invention. Latin Playboys is where Hidalgo & Perez took ideas that were a little too far out for Los Lobos. Listen to “Locoman.”

Los Super Seven
Los Super Seven (1998)

This one is an actual supergroup, featuring a host of well known names from the Latin genre. Alongside Los Lobos’ David Hidalgo & Cesar Rosas are Freddy Fender, Joe Ely, Flaco Jiminez, Rick Trevino, Ruben Ramos and others performing sincere renditions of both traditional and original Mexicali material. Lobos’ Steve Berlin produces and provides LSS with a rich, genuine taste from south of the border. This is the first of three albums from Los Super Seven. Listen to “La Morena.”


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    Nice…Thank You,muchly.

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    Dave Bush
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    Great post. I'm a pretty big Los Lobos fan, but I wasn't even aware of the Houndog disc. Much thanks.

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    Art Ducko
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    Great stuff Willard. Remember the discussions on the best American bands? We forgot these guys. Stellar music.

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    Willard, you are the best! Muchos gracias, AMIGO!

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    Sweeeeet tunes!! The greatest American band?….May be right!

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    Juan Duque
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    Like Rosas says, "Échale tomate!!!"

    Great post!! Los Lobos, to me, are one of the worlds greatest bands ever and a true testament to the triumph of artistry over commerce.


    juan d

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    Thank you for posting all of these. Mucho gracias!

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    Capt. Willard
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    Search HERE!

    CESAR ROSAS Soul Disguise (1999)
    Little Heaven (3:40)
    You've Got To Lose (3:24)
    Tough To Handle (3:55)
    Angelito (3:19)
    Struck (3:05)
    Shack And Shambles (4:01)
    Better Way (4:17)
    Soul Disguise (4:25)
    Treat Me Right (3:38)
    Adios Mi Vida (3:05)
    Racing The Moon (3:27)
    E. Los Ballad #13 (4:01)

    HOUNDOG Houndog (1999)
    No Chance (4:22)
    I Brought The Rain (3:33)
    I'll Change My Style (3:51)
    Down Time (3:36)
    Lonely Dying Love (3:48)
    Eddie's Gone (4:12)
    All Fired Up, All Shook Down (5:32)
    Somebody (Stop The Bleedin') (5:14)
    Killin' Me (5:22)

    LATIN PLAYBOYS Dose (1999)
    Fiesta Erotica (3:10)
    Cuca's Blues (3:14)
    Ironsides (1:47)
    Mustard (3:29)
    Nubian Priestess (2:00)
    Dose (2:33)
    Latin Trip (2:58)
    Tormenta Blvd. (2:09)
    Lemon 'N Ice (3:51)
    Locoman (2:48)
    Toro (0:38)
    Paletero (3:14)
    Paula Y Fred (3:06)

    LOS SUPER SEVEN Los Super Seven (1998)
    LOS SUPER SEVEN El Canoero (3:21)
    FREDDY FENDER Piensa En Mí (3:55)
    LOS SUPER SEVEN Mi Ranchito (3:52)
    LOS SUPER SEVEN Un Beso Al Viento (2:32)
    DAVID HIDALGO La Sirena (2:53)
    FREDDY FENDER Un Lunes Por La Mañana (3:19)
    JOE ELY Plane Wreck At Los Gatos (Deportee) (3:39)
    LOS SUPER SEVEN La Morena (2:56)
    FLACO JIMÉNEZ Margarita (3:26)
    LOS SUPER SEVEN La Madrugada (2:40)
    CAMPANAS DE AMERICA El Ausente (3:39)
    LOS SUPER SEVEN Río De Tenampa (4:23)
    LOS SUPER SEVEN Las Norteñitas (1:00)

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    Nice to see these back in circulation. Houndog, Soul Disguise, and Dose are some of my favs. Looks like 1999 was a pretty great year for music lovers, eh?

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      It was. Too bad more folks weren’t taking more notice of Los Lobos (and these releases in particular) at the time.

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    Thank you!

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    many tanx!

    Had a lot of problems (again) with Mega using Firefox. So I tried IE9, and Mega wouldn’t even talk to me cause my browser IE9 was obsolete (IE10 won’t install on my Win Vista).

    So I bit the bullet and installed Opera. And all the Mega downloads ran just peachy keen.

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