GIANTS Giants (1978) – Obscure Santana, Herbie Hancock, Lee Oskar Sessions – Vinyl Only!

Giants (1978)
Super Session Often Mistaken For A Long Lost Santana LP… Which It Partly Is!

Obscure mid-70s gathering of greats that never made it to the CD age, featuring Herbie Hancock, Carlos Santana, Lee Oskar (War), composer/producer Greg Errico (Sly & The Family Stone), Doug Rauch (Billy Cobham) and numerous members of the Santana band, including Greg Rollie, Neal Schon, Coke Escovedo, Mike Carabello and others. It’s not hard to hear the Santana sound spread across these mostly instrumental jams, so it’s also not hard to understand why these tracks sometimes found their way onto licensed (and unlicensed) cheapie compilations billed simply as “Santana” – especially the track, “Fried Neckbones And Home Fries” (hear it below). But, a deeper listen will show there’s much more going here, including a vast array of influences, from War to psych jazz to Betty Davis-styled funk (a few players are Davis alumni) to the emerging disco trend, all fused together with little concern for radio play or mass acceptance. Which might be why it’s still strictly a vinyl time capsule today. Given the veteran Santana band players involved, you have to figure these sessions took place years before the LP’s 1978 release. The Lee Oskar dominated “Kilimanjaro” is a standout, as is the smoldering Santana-esque, “Pancho Villa.” Give a listen below to get an idea. You can find the vinyl at Amazon, HERE. We’ve got some more obscure Santana stuff in the archives, including pre-fame sessions MCMLXVIII (HERE) and a 1993 collection entitled Sacred Sources, featuring rare live tracks from Hendrix, Coltrane, Gaye, Marley & Stevie Ray Vaughan, compiled and released by Carlos on his own label imprint (HERE).

Attitude (3:23)
They Change It (3:27)
Kilimanjaro (8:45)
Pancho Villa (5:09)
Fried Neckbones And Home Fries (6:24)
In Your Heart (5:33)

Greg Errico – Producer, Drums & Synthesizer
Carlos Santana – Guitar
Herbie Hancock – Piano
Lee Oskar – Harmonica
Neal Schon – Guitars
Mike Carabello – Organ & Congas
Greg Rollie – Organ
Chepito Areas – Percussion
Rico Reyes – Percussion
Doug Rauch – Bass
Mike Garcia – Vibes
Wendy Haas – Piano
Victor Pantoja – Congas
Robert Vega – Fuzz Bass
Doug Rodriguez – Guitar
Bianca Thornton-Oden, Freddie Pool, Gene Washington, Wendy Hass, Linda Tillery, Coke Escovedo & Jody Moreing – Vocals


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    A little bit of research places this as an unfinished ’71 or ’72 session for a project called Attitude led by Santana member Mike Carabello. Gregg Errico later acquired it, finished it up with some new vocal tracks, and got it released. Info comes from a book called Voices of Latin Rock.

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