GREGG ALLMAN One More Try: An Anthology (1997) – Incredible, Long-Deleted 2CD Set Of Demos & Rarities

GreggOne More Try: An Anthology (1997)
Long-Deleted 2CD Set Of Demos & Rehearsals

FROM THE ARCHIVES: To anthologize the often overshadowed solo career of Brother Gregg Allman, Capricorn Records released this luscious, 34-track, 2CD collection in 1997 entitled One More Try: An Anthology. But, instead of packing it with “hits,” someone got the bright idea to stuff it full of demos, band rehearsals and 26 previously unreleased recordings. Which is very cool for fans and collectors. So… is there a buzz killer here, you ask? Of course. Just two years later, Capricorn unceremoniously deleted the collection. Maybe the bean counters were bummed at the lack of radio-worn favorites, or Capricorn thought a by-the-book Best Of would sell better. Perhaps Allman himself just changed his mind about having it out there. Who knows? But what got overlooked is that One More Try: An Anthology might be the single most interesting release in Allman’s solo catalog. The recordings often showcase Gregg alone on acoustic guitar. Some are live band rehearsals. Even the Allman Brothers Band staple, “Wasted Words,” appears here as a loose studio jam featuring Johnny Winter, Buddy Miles and the late Berry Oakley. Polished or not… profitable or not… perhaps this is the best way Gregg Allman deserves to be heard, by himself or just casually jamming with friends. Find an expensive hard copy of One More Try: An Anthology at Amazon, HERE.

One More Try (solo piano and vocal demo)
One More Try (band demo)
All My Friends (alternate version)
Can’t Lose What You Never Had (demo)
Midnight Rider
God Rest His Soul (solo guitar & vocal demo)
Multi-Colored Lady (solo guitar & vocal demo)
When a Man Loves a Woman (demo)
Slip Away
I Feel So Bad (tour rehearsal)
Wasted Words (previously unreleased)
Turn on Your Love Light (tour rehearsal)
Brightest Smile in Town
Can You Fool (demo)
Never Knew How Much (solo guitar & vocal demo)
Please Call Home
Will the Circle Be Unbroken (band demo)

Bring It on Back (solo piano & vocal demo)
Catfish Blues (solo guitar & vocal demo)
Come and Go Blues (live recording)
Adam’s Song/Shadow Dream Song (solo guitar & vocal demo)
These Days (alternate version)
God Rest His Soul (band demo)
Queen of Hearts (alternate version)
Rain (demo)
It’s Not My Cross to Bear (demo)
Win, Lose or Draw (previously unreleased)
Will the Circle Be Unbroken (solo guitar & vocal demo)
Shadow Dream Song (solo guitar & vocal demo)
Multi-Colored Lady (alternate version)
Bad Dream (previously unreleased)
Lead Me On
Oncoming Traffic

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