VARIOUS ARTISTS Devil In A Blue Dress (Soundtrack 1995)

Devil In A Blue Dress (1995)
40s Blues/R&B Soundtrack Hits The Spot

You can find entire collections for most of these artists just by searching. But this well-sequenced soundtrack to the 40s crime drama Devil In A Blue Dress is an atmospheric treat, and a regular go-to disc for me. Alongside T-Bone Walker, Bull Moose Jackson and Jimmy Witherspoon are a few side trips, including some jazzy Monk & Duke and three Elmer Bernstein pieces from the score, but the overall ambiance this collection captures is worth any duplication in your collection. I’ve posted three tracks to give you a mood jolt. The only issue you should have with this soundtrack is its brevity. You can also hear this album’s “Chicken Shack Boogie” on our 3CD Amos Milburn post. We’ve got an essential T-Bone Walker collection, too. Amazon.

T-BONE WALKER West Side Baby (2:54)
JIMMY WITHERSPOON Ain’t Nobody’s Business (2:54)
ROY MILTON Hop, Skip And Jump (2:34)
WYNONIE HARRIS Good Rockin‘ Tonight (2:47)
PEE WEE CRAYTON Blues After Hours (2:30)
BULL MOSSE JACKSON I Can’t Go On Without You (3:00)
THELONIOUS MONK ‘Round Midnight (3:10)
AMOS MILBURN Chicken Shack Boogie (2:51)
MEMPHIS SLIM Messin‘ Around (3:04)
LLOYD GLENN Chica Boo (2:22)
ELMER BERNSTEIN Theme From Devil In A Blue Dress (2:32)
ELMER BERNSTEIN Malibu Chase (1:29)
ELMER BERNSTEIN End Credits (3:02)


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    nice post. cool movie, better book.

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    Isn't that always the case. The book's soundtrack sucked, though.

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    But the movie soundtrack's book was ok. If anyone's counting.

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    I a similar vein, I don't hesitate to recommend 'A Rage in Harlem'.

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