ABIODUN OYEWOLE 25 Years (1995) &
UMAR BIN HASSAN Be Bop Or Be Dead (1993)

ABIODUN OYEWOLE 25 Years (1995)
UMAR BIN HASSAN Be Bop Or Be Dead (1993)
Two Solo
Releases From Members Of The Last Poets… and Bill Laswell

It might be a safe bet that, with the record industry the way it is, you’ll probably never again see a guy like Bill Laswell get such unlimited latitude to follow his musical muse. Those days are gone, but Laswell’s insanely large body of production work still remains. These two releases come from the mid-90s, when Laswell was working hard to resurrect the legacy of radical, 60s beat-poet rappers, The Last Poets. These two releases by Abiodun Oyewole and Umar Bin Hassan, two of the Poets’ original vocalist/messengers, are typical of Laswell’s style – filled with all-star casts of funksters, jazzers and outsiders. Oyewole’s 25 Years features Henry Threadgill, Aiyb Dieng & Brandon Ross, among others, while Hassan’s Be Bop Or Be Dead boasts the likes of Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell, Buddy Miles and Anton Fier. Both discs re-explore The Poets’ late 60s radicalisms, even reworking some of the group’s original, explosive material. The naked anger of The Poets’ bongo-driven past has been transformed into a full ensemble attack fronted by wired, vocal maturity. Some of their best work. Both Abby (HERE) & Umar (HERE) are at Amazon for pennies on the dollar.

When The Revolution Comes (4:17)
Sample This (5:58)
Brown Sugar (5:15)
Dread Brother (6:38)
Festival (3:37)
Son’s Rising (4:11)
Brothers Working (4:11)
25 Years (5:53)

Niggers Are Scared Of Revolution (5:24)
Am (8:00)
Bum Rush (5:31)
This Is Madness (5:28)
Malcolm (6:25)
Pop (4:42)
Love (6:09)
40 Deuce Street (3:50)
Personal Things (4:30)
This Is Madness (Metal Mix) (5:33)


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    great albums, thanks! Let's play cool jazz)

  • G
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    Brilliant albums – Doon and Umar – 2 of The Last Poets – Laswell put these together with more than a little help from his usual suspects in the recording studio – – and Umar’s release has a good number of the P-Funk mob backing him up. Had the chance to see/hear/witness Dune and Umar perform these pieces twice – and the performance was more powerful than the recordings – 2 voices and the sound of the drum – Umar and Doon both appear on the Funkcronomicon release (another Laswell production) as well as, trying to remember, on “The End Of Law” as well as at least 1 or 2 other Laswell recordings. If you have the chance to pick up – The Last Poets – On A Mission – it’s a very good read. If anybody has any knowledge of what they (Dune or Umar) are presently doing – please post it as Umar’s website has been out of date since 2006. You should give these discs a listen
    Thanks – as always – Willard


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