BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS Live At Leeds (1973/2004)

Live At Leeds (1973/2004)
Officially Released 1973 Live Set

Outstanding. An early glimpse of The Wailers at work, before the accolades and before Bob Marley became the iconic, worldwide symbol of reggae. Recorded November 23, 1973, just before Peter Tosh would bolt The Wailers for his own solo career, and just after Bunny Wailer already did. You can immediately tell how early this is by the Leeds’ audience reaction, which is welcoming, but comparatively laid back. You can’t blame the spirited performances. This is one of the better live examples of the nascent, modern Wailers available, before the hits and before they felt they were compelled to perform “I Shot The Sheriff,” from Burnin, Marley’s second LP for Island Records, which they were touring behind here. Actually, this download comes from the second disc of the Deluxe Edition of Burnin. We’ve concocted a cover, however, since posting the original one might have confused the issue.

Duppy Conqueror (6:03)
Slave Driver (5:00)
Burnin‘ And Lootin (8:29)
Can’t Blame The Youth (5:09)
Stop That Train (3:57)
Midnight Ravers (6:29)
No More Trouble (6:59)
Kinky Reggae (5:56)
Get Up, Stand Up (6:15)
Stir It Up (7:25)
Put It On (4:29)
Lively Up Yourself (13:35)



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    Thank you!

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    Superb. Thanks, Capt.

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    Jeez Louise- what a string of 1st rate posts (Tal, JB, incredible The Move box & now this!). Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Are you ever going to post a picture of yourself not half-submerged in water? Maybe in your home town & not in the swamps of Vietnam? I'm sure everyone is very curious to see the man behind the magic- I know I am.

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    As is the RIAA. Thanks for the kind words.

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    Captain Willard,

    Whoops- sorry, I forgot that you must maintain your secret identity…just like a super hero, which I guess you are in a way.

    The Marley sounds fantastic.


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    I am Willard!

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    Thanks very much! This is a wonderful gift for those who don't want to rebuy burnin' again!!!!

  • dave
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    I saw The Wailers for the first time on the tour before this, which must have been in February. They were supporting The Wild Angels and it was the tour they cancelled because it snowed and they thought that it was a sign from Jah. Good gig. Thanks very much.

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    You are really in Turbo-Drive now Cap'n ! Fantastic post I know it will be.. LOVE the mock up sleeve -sure confused me for a few seconds
    … And I thought the picture WAS you- doh!!!!!!!How about a revolving gallery of idents????!!!


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    We're envious, Dave. Thanks for all the comments.

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    First of all thank such jem.

    This album is a 2nd disc of Burnin' (Deluxe Edition), right?

    Wow! thank again.

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    As stated.

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    I'm still Willard!

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    This disc is also important & great because at this early stage Bob & Peter were 'equals' in the band as evidenced by how many songs Peter either sings lead on or shares lead vocals with Bob! Classic performance in amazing sound quality, Thanks again, Capt. W.!!

  • Quark
    February 4, 2010 - 16:03 | Permalink

    I actually live in Leeds!
    And to my eternal shame I missed both `The Who` and `Bob Marley` I was also told that Van Morrison was performing at a small club in the city…and i did not believe it….so i missed him as well….DoH!

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    Love this "album" cover.

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    Screw this. I'm tired of being Willard. You're on your own, bud.

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    Thanks for all the Bob! Great stuff!

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    I was at this gig with about 100 others in what was Leeds Polytechnic.
    My finest hour – life has been all downhill since.

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    Muito lhe agradeço pelas grandes
    postagens em seu BLOG, são muitas
    Meus parabens e
    Muito Obrigado (Thank You)

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    one of the best contemporanean musicians, also the wailers teached how to race this art

  • Terry
    November 23, 2011 - 07:40 | Permalink

    I never got the chance to see thw Wailers play live, but it’s a treat to hear them with Peter Tosh still on board. Thanks for giving us the chance.

    • Willard
      November 23, 2011 - 08:02 | Permalink

      I never saw them with Tosh either, but I did catch them once in ’78 (I think) or ’79. Front row… and for the encore, the band came out with joints so huge the first 5 rows got a contact high. Amazing show. Thanks for commenting.

  • Anonymous
    April 25, 2012 - 06:00 | Permalink

    Back in ’73 I wasn’t into Marley & The Wailers. What was I thinking?! Thanks for all the re-ups. Your hard work is appreciated!

  • dandor
    April 9, 2014 - 21:49 | Permalink

    Thanks for the opportunity to finally hear this historic, great sounding recording of the early Wailers! Now the negativity, sorry! It’s common knowledge that the speed of this recording was increased so that the full show could fit on one CD. This does compromise the recording somewhat, as Bob sounds like he is doing his Alvin (of the Chipmunks) fame impersonation on this one, and the organ and guitars sound out of tune, and the tempos too fast (more ska-like than reggae), since the pitch has been sped up.
    If you want to hear this performance as it was originally played (correctly!!!) you need to lower/decrease the pitch by -3.0%. Hopefully this information will aid those that know how to do pitch correction themselves, so that they may hear this incredible early Wailers gig at the PROPER pitch speed! (Again, huge thanks to Willard for making it available here, and i feel sorry for those that paid for this, as this recording has been compromised, and i don’t think this is mentioned in the liner notes(?).
    At least there was a good reason for the off-pitch unlike so many other ‘official’ Marley live recordings where the pitch runs either too fast or too slow, which is a great shame indeed!!!

  • Willard
    April 9, 2014 - 22:13 | Permalink

    Dandor, you’ve got a problem. This is the third comment you left here going on about the speed and pitch of released records, including the ENTIRE Doors catalog. All that may or may not be true, but I’m certainly glad I’m not cursed with your (either) pitch perfect, or off pitch hearing. You seem tortured by everything you hear and are obsessed with pitch over everything else. Too bad.

  • dandor
    April 10, 2014 - 16:02 | Permalink

    It is my affliction! ;-) (You should see my reviews on amazon!)
    Not the ENTIRE Doors catalog, just the ENTIRE Bright Midnight series of archival live CDs. (I just can’t understand why record companies release live recordings that run at the wrong pitch.) The Doors live stuff seems to be the worst in this regard, though the Marley stuff runs a close second–due to the randomness factor of how some CDs run too slow and some too fast (usually always by a ratio of 2.0% though). At least there was some understandable reason why Leeds ’73 runs even faster than that–to squeeze it all on one CD. (And oh yeah, the bonus disk of the *original* Catch a Fire recordings also runs too fast, but i’ve spared you my post about that one!:-)
    But thanks again for sharing all this great music–those with the know-how can re-pitch these things to make them sound correct–some people actually appreciate knowing the proper ratio that i’ve given them (and thanked me) so they can use software programs to adjust the pitch and get these things sounding right–i just feel bad for those that pay money for recordings that are off-pitch: i hope you can understand how i find that inexcusable!!!! (If you want i will not post any more “off-pitch comments”…

    • Willard
      April 10, 2014 - 19:09 | Permalink

      You’re fine. It just sucks to have the preoccupation.

  • Christoph
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    Great cover :)

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