FAUST Williamsburg Music Hall (2009)

Williamsburg Music Hall (2009)
WFMU Live Show Filled With Classics

Everyone’s favorite Krautrockers, live in New York, October 1st, 2009, as first offered on WFMU. Pretty cool, as the remaining members of Faust keep the faith with plenty of early 70s flashbacks, like “So Far,” “Jennifer” and “The Sad Skinhead,” while plundering new sonic depths with a couple of extended improvisational excursions. It begins underwhelmingly, with a formless improv, but picks up steam and audacity along the way, culminating with their signature track, “Krautrock.” Over 80 minutes in all. The broadcast sound is quite good, though, there are some minor sonic issues. Since it’s Faust, it’s sometimes hard to tell what’s intended and what’s not. All the better for it. We’ve got more Faust in the archives.

Improvisation (7:31)
So Far (7:23)
Faust Meets Faust/Listen To Fish (12:00)
Miss Fortune (2:31)
Fresh Air (6:00)
Improvisation (15:10)
The Sad Skinhead (3:05)
Jennifer (6:11)
Teutonentango (6:34)
Chromatic (6:21)
Krautrock (8:47)


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    Super Post got into the real Krautrock years after the event around 79 once you start you can't stop ….Just need a copy of Krautrock sampler!

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    thanks – steve

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    Search HERE

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