Teenagers From Outer Space (1959)

TeenagersouterspaceTEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE (1950) Some disagreeably rude aliens land on earth to prep it as a breeding ground for their monstrous food supply, a.k.a. Gargons. One of the dreamier aliens, Derek, whose brain was polluted by a book suggesting there’s a better life to be had by spreading peace, love and understanding (instead of hatred and weaponry), escapes into the populace – befriending a girl, attending pool parties and dressing like a teddy boy, as he works to save the world from the ever-growing, lobster-like Gargons. Two parts stupid and one part awful, Teenagers From Outer Space is everything ‘bad cinema’ lovers look for in cheap sci-fi – lousy acting, absurd dialog, dumb plot… all this despite writer, director, editor, cinematographer, Tom Graeff’s admirably logical story outline and sensible direction (Graeff also plays Joe, the reporter). The production’s reported $14,000 budget is impossible to even fathom – practically putting Graeff in a league with Orson Welles for his creative ingenuity under such budgetary restraints. Even more alien than the aliens, however, is seeing a friendly gas station attendant with a bow tie washing customers’ windows. EXCLAMATION-MARKED TAG LINE: Thrill-Crazed Space Kids Blasting The Flesh Off Humans! DIALOG ALERT: “You know, I don’t get this guy. Animals or humans. He just seems to like killing.” Find Teenagers From Outer Space on DVD at Amazon, HERE. New Movies, Fridays ‘Round Midnight.


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    The classics never die!

  • DRaftervoi
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    I recall seeing this at a very young age on television…the flesh-blasting ray guns were TERRIFYING.

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