ASTOR PIAZZOLLA Suite Punta Del Este (1996) & VARIOUS ARTISTS 12 Monkeys (Soundtrack 1995)

VARIOUS ARTISTS 12 Monkeys Soundtrack (1995)
ASTOR PIAZZOLLA Suite Punta Del Este (1996)

Suite Punta Del Este may not be the best place to start investigating the brilliance of Tango great Astor Piazzolla. But, as with much of his work, there’s always something wondrous to behold. For the uninitiated, Piazzolla essentially reinvented the age old music of the Tango, instilling it with a vibrant experimentalism and a haunting, cinematic mystique that has little to do with the “dance” most of us know from stage and screen. Piazzolla’s vision is darker, more intricate and nearly alien in its rich array of textures and atmospherics. The All Music Guide concisely states that “the genius composer took an earthy, sensual, even disreputable folk music and elevated it into a sophisticated form of high art.” 1996‘s Suite Punta Del Este is comprised mostly of live tracks so, sonically speaking, it doesn’t capture the subtleties of his studio work. But Suite Punta Del Este is here for those that want the nearly 19 minute title track that formed the basis for Paul Buckmaster’s soundtrack to Terry Gilliam’s mad, mad, movie, 12 Monkeys. Some think of it as a Piazzolla score, but the soundtrack actually uses only a tiny extract of Astor’s “Suite,” entitled Introduccion,” as arranged by Buckmaster – best known for his early work with Elton John. The bulk of Buckmaster’s own contributions are spooky and disjointed (fitting the movie perfectly) and weave in and out of the film’s  plot-fitting songs (Louis Armstrong, Tom Waits, Link Wray) and Piazzolla’s short, oft-repeated “theme.”

Adios Nonino (6:59)
Mumuki (9:45)
Verano Porteno (6:30)
Chin Chin (6:26)
Libertango (4:10)
Suite Punta Del Este (18:40)

Introduccion” From Suite Punta Del Este (12 Monkeys Theme)
Cole’s First Dream/Volunteer Duty/Topside (3:12)
Silent Night (1:08)
Spider Research/Introduccion/The Proposition (1:59)
Time Confusion/To The Mental Ward/Planet Ogo (1:53)
Wrong Number/Cole’s Dream/Dormitory Spider/Introduccion (3:33)
CHARLIE OLINS Vivisection (1:20)
B.J. COLE Sleepwalk (2:23)
Introduccion/Scanner Room/Capture And Sedation (3:33)
Cole’s Third Dream (0:21)
Interrogation/Time Capsule/Cole Kidnaps Railly (4:56)
FATS DOMINO Blueberry Hill (2:20)
LOUIS ARMSTRONG What A Wonderful World (2:18)
Cole’s Fourth Dream (0:27)
TOM WAITS Earth Died Screaming (3:36)
Introduccion (4:34)
Fateful Bullet/A Boot From The Trunk/Cole’s Longing (3:04)
Photo Search/Mission Brief (1:28)
Back In ’96 (2:06)
Fugitives/Fateful Love/Home Dentistry (3:22)
Introduccion/Giraffes & Flamingos (1:04)
This Is My Dream/Cole’s Call/Louis & Jose (3:14)
Peters Does His Worst (3:52)
Dreamers Awake (3:36)


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