JIMI HENDRIX First Rays Of The New Rising Sun (1997) & South Saturn Delta (1997)

First Rays Of The New Rising Sun (1997)
South Saturn Delta (1997)
Hendrix’s “Last Album,” And Some Odds & Ends

With the Hendrix Estate now gearing up for a series of new releases, here’s a look back at their first attempts to collect some of the many scattered recordings Jimi made before his death in 1970. First Rays Of The New Rising Sun is a re-imagining of what Hendrix’s fourth and final studio album might have been like – even though no one was seriously proposing that this was actually Hendrix’s final vision. In reality, the album is comprised of material that Hendrix had nearly completed by September, 1970. Most of these tracks were later issued in various forms on haphazard, posthumous releases like Cry Of Love, Rainbow Bridge and War Heroes. In retrospect, First Rays has stood up quite well as a worthy collection that fills the void of curiosity regarding what Hendrix might have released, had he lived. It’s surprisingly concise, comprised of three & four minute songs… with barely any of the majestic jamming that characterized his actual, final studio release, Electric Ladyland. South Saturn Delta, on the other hand, is a less impressive gathering of odds & ends that had previously trickled out on 70s/80s albums like Crash Landing, Midnight Lightning and Loose Ends. For SSD, the Estate went back to the original master tapes, stripping them clean, then re-building them from the bottom up. It’s little more than a random rarity collection, however. Ladyland‘s “All Along The Watchtower,” for instance, is included here as an slightly altered remix. For collectors, both are worth having, but those that want more of an “album” experience are advised to stick to First Rays Of The New Rising Sun.

First Rays Of The New Rising Sun
Freedom (3:27)
Izabella (2:50)
Night Bird Flying (3:51)
Angel (4:22)
Room Full Of Mirrors (3:21)
Dolly Dagger (4:44)
Ezy Rider (4:09)
Drifting (3:49)
Beginnings (4:13)
Stepping Stone (4:13)
My Friend (4:36)
Straight Ahead (4:43)
Hey Baby (New Rising Sun) (6:04)
Earth Blues (4:21)
Astro Man (3:35)
In From The Storm (3:41)
Belly Button Window (3:37)

South Saturn Delta
Look Over Yonder (
Little Wing (2:44)
Here He Comes (Lover Man) (6:33)
South Saturn Delta (4:08)
Power Of Soul (5:20)
Message To The Universe (Message Of Love) (6:20)
Tax Free (4:58)
All Along The Watchtower (4:01)
The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam’s Dice (4:21)
Midnight (5:33)
Sweet Angel (Angel) (3:56)
Bleeding Heart (3:15)
Pali Gap (5:09)
Drifter’s Escape (3:06)
Midnight Lightning (3:07)



  • Art Ducko
    March 2, 2010 - 18:19 | Permalink

    Thanks, cap. First Rays is an excellent album in my opinion. This keeps whetting my appetite for Jimi's new Valleys of Neptune release. The 4-cd box set released by MCA is also worth tracking down for an abundance of unreleased material. Good stuff.

  • Anonymous
    March 2, 2010 - 18:43 | Permalink

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  • Capt. Willard
    March 2, 2010 - 14:59 | Permalink

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  • klf
    March 3, 2010 - 05:12 | Permalink

    I don't give thanks, here, enough. There are tons of music blogs that just pump out the links, but you've got a stance and a style that gets me to read, here, regardless of the music you're putting up. So, thanks!

  • Art Ducko
    March 3, 2010 - 08:39 | Permalink

    Say it ain't so , Cap! I haven't seen the reviews on Valleys of Neptune yet, but it sounds like we're in for a major disappointment once again with Jimi's legacy. I was hoping Sony might get it right. I'm still going to put it to a listen or two before I commit myself. And I still say the Jimi Hendrix Experience box set is a great sampler of Jimi's career & it features lots of previously bootlegged material. It'll still be interesting to see what his estate digs up in the coming years. A decade's worth of material? Hope it's the good shit.

  • Art Ducko
    March 3, 2010 - 09:31 | Permalink

    Okay, after the first taste test (2 scotches, no reefer), I have to say the new album passes the preliminary test stage & is suitably face-melting. Will investigate further…

  • Art Ducko
    March 3, 2010 - 10:00 | Permalink

    All righty then, the 2nd phase of the taste test (3 scotches, 1 beer, still no reefer…where is that guy?) reveals the fact that this Hendrix fella could play a mean guitar when he wanted to. And those nice folks at Sony Music were so nice to mix this so nice & loud for us hearing impaired folks. Still invesitmigating…

  • Art Ducko
    March 3, 2010 - 10:10 | Permalink

    Hey Cap? After careful deliberations, (4 scotches, 2 beers, & 3 bong hits…thanks,dude, & 1 DUI), I've gotta say fuck Mojo. This rates an 11 on the Sudz-O-Meter. This is one cool Hendrix album. Now if I could only remember my name….

  • Capt. Willard
    March 3, 2010 - 15:36 | Permalink

    Thanks for the Twitter style report of your nightly rituals, pj. That got my hopes up a little. For the record, I don't have the utmost faith in reviewers, but I do love Mojo and they do love the 60s, so I kinda figured they might be on board with this one. But, they did pull the rug out from under Sony's advertising campaign that this is a "brand new studio album." Apropos to the ramblings here, they also point out that one track ("Mr. Bad Luck") features bass & drum overdubs from 1987 (at least it's Mitch & Noel, though). Oh well. I guess that's why we were all issued our own set of ears.

  • Anonymous
    March 3, 2010 - 20:38 | Permalink

    As ever,good music is in the ear of the behearer.
    Thanks for this share and keep uo the good work.

  • Anonymous
    March 3, 2010 - 20:40 | Permalink

    Sorry fot the mistpz been keepin up with pjnsudz.

  • Capt. Willard
    March 3, 2010 - 21:03 | Permalink

    He's got everybody doing drugs now.

  • Art Ducko
    March 3, 2010 - 21:19 | Permalink

    Hey, where did this Hendrix tattoo come from?

  • ElementaryPenguin
    March 4, 2010 - 00:06 | Permalink

    Not to subvert the captain, but for those who have not listened to South Saturn Delta, tracks like Pali Gap, South Saturn Delta, and The Stars (TPWLSD)are essential Hendrix instrumentals. Three of my favorite songs from his entire catalog. Not an album experience, but still a must have.

  • Art Ducko
    March 4, 2010 - 09:01 | Permalink

    After waking up with a resounding headache & a new tattoo, I was able to formulate a new, if half-assed, opinion on the new cd. I consider anything released after Jimi's death to be a bootleg, officially sanctioned or not, since Jimi wasn't around to okay production. Some releases have been better than others, & that includes the amount of tinkering with the original material involved. The new version of Valleys of Neptune is credited as being 'Frankensteined' from different sources, but sounds pretty good in the end. So I'm willing to forgive if the end result is up to Jimi's standards. While the new album is no "Cry of Love", it still sounds great to these jaded ears.And you've got to admit, it sounds a lot better than "Crash Landing". I'm willing to give the estate & Sony Music the benefit of the doubt if they can produce some quality sounds from Jimi's library. Just, please, get some better artwork for the covers. That's all I ask.

  • Anonymous
    March 6, 2010 - 02:07 | Permalink

    Its almost 40 years since his death and there still hasn't been anyone who can touch him on guitar. Why is that!?

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