CAPITOL BLUES #1: T-BONE WALKER The Complete Capitol / Black & White Recordings (1995)

The Complete Capitol/Black & White Recordings (1995)
His Biggest Fans Are Your Favorite Guitarists

From Capitol Records’ 1995 Blues Collection comes 3 glorious CDs, 75 tracks from “the most influential blues guitarist of the post-World War II era,” T-Bone Walker. B.B. King had to have an electric guitar when he first heard him, Duane Allman based his entire playing philosophy on his work, and everyone from Hendrix to Clapton tore pages from his playbook. In short, he did first whatever your favorite blues guitarist did later. T-Bone Walker’s full band arrangements waver from pensive blues to full-tilt shuffles, but T-Bone’s electric guitar playing routinely draws an angular, wiry contrast to his silky smooth vocals and melancholy atmospherics. This isn’t the fiery, stomping blues of his disciples – Walker’s post-big band blues has a softer, more intimate essence that’s both sweet and sad. He’s probably best known for “Stormy Monday” (and those shots of him playing the guitar behind his head while doing the splits, HERE), but these sides – almost all recorded in 1949 – provide the bigger picture. Thanks to ARTKoen for the much-needed .pdf liner notes. This was the debut release in the Capitol Blues Collection, which we have more of coming, HERE. Not cheap at Amazon, HERE.

T-Bone Blues
I Got A Break Baby
Mean Old World
No Worry Blues (Alternate Version)
No Worry Blues
Don’t Leave Me Baby (Alternate Version)
Don’t Leave Me Baby
Bobby Sox Blues (Alternate Version)
Bobby Sox Baby
I’m Gonna Find My Baby
I’m In An Awful Mood
It’s A Lowdown Dirty Deal
Don’t Give Me The Runaround
Hard Pain Blues
I Know Your Wig Is Gone
T-Bone Jumps Again
Call It Stormy Monday But Tuesday Is Just As Bad (Alternate)
Call It Stormy Monday But Tuesday Is Just As Bad
She Had To Let Me Down (Alternate Version)
She Had To Let Me Down
She’s My Old Time Used To Be
Dream Girl Blues (Alternate Version)
Dream Girl Blues
Midnight Blues (Alternate Version)

Long Lost Lover Blues (Alternate Version)
Long Lost Lover Blues
Triflin‘ Woman Blues (Alternate Version)
Triflin‘ Woman Blues
Long Skirt Baby Blues (Alternate Version)
Long Skirt Baby Blues
Goodbye Blues
Too Much Trouble Blues (Alternate Version)
Too Much Trouble Blues
I’m Waiting For Your Call
Hypin‘ Woman Blues (Alternate Version)
Hypin‘ Woman Blues
So Blue Blues
On Your Way Blues
Natural Blues
That’s Better For Me
First Love Blues (Alternate Version)
First Love Blues
Lonesome Woman Blues (Alternate Version 1)
Lonesome Woman Blues (Alternate Version 2)
Lonesome Woman Blues
Vacation Blues
Inspiration Blues (Alternate Version)
Inspiration Blues
Description Blues (Alternate Version)

Description Blues
T-Bone Shuffle (Alternate Version)
T-Bone Shuffle
That Old Feelin‘ Is Gone
The Time Seems So Long
Prison Blues
Home Town Blues
Wise Man Blues (Alternate Version)
Wise Man Blues
Misfortune Blues (Alternate Version)
Misfortune Blues
I Wish You Were Mine (Alternate Version)
I Wish You Were Mine
I’m Gonna Move You Out And Get Somebody Else
She’s The No-Sleepin’est Woman (Alternate Version)
She’s The No-Sleepin’est Woman
Plain Old Down Home Blues
Born To Be No Good
Go Back To The One You Love (Alternate Version)
Go Back To The One You Love
I Want A Little Girl
I’m Still In Love With You
You’re My Best Poker Hand (Alternate Version)
You’re My Best Poker Hand
West Side Baby


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